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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, we are pleased to publish this open letter that Vicente Montesinos, director of the Adoración y Liberación website, addresses to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Enjoy reading it.








First of all, allow me to greet you with much affection, and convey to you the enormous amount of prayers that the tens of thousands of souls who are already part, thank God, of the apostolate of “Adoración y Liberación” in all corners of the planet, raise to daily for you, for your work, for your mission and for your transcendental work for the moment that the Church and the world live.


A few days ago, I asked our mutual friend and brother Marco Tosatti, in the framework of an interview that he kindly granted me, if in a certain way you are not acting morally like the Pope that the Church needs today.


My personal conviction is: yes; and you will forgive me for the audacity in expressing this idea to you. Peter’s boat drifts without a rudder, with a Pope Emeritus in a certain way a prisoner of Bergoglio’s hierarchy, and with a false Pope occupying the chair of Peter. And he sails without a rudder because, unfortunately, the hierarchy forgot that the one who should lead the boat is Christ, of whom she is only, or should be, a faithful witness; and not the world, in the worst sense of the word, to which she has given her power and direction.


Excellence: in “Adoración y Liberación” we have long established the coordination of the Catholic Faithful Remnant throughout the world as a fundamental mission. That Small Rest that, yes or yes, will make Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, of time and of history, find faith on earth when he returns.


We will never succumb to the lie of the world, spread today by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the ecclesial hierarchy, most of the episcopate and the vast majority of consecrated people, who want us to believe that we are not Catholic because “we do not obey the Pope” .


They also place us as schismatics, heretics, rebels, and ultimately, in all that series of qualifiers that are serving these predators of the faith so well to have deceived millions of souls and lead them irretrievably to hell.


We well know, dear Monsignor Viganó, that they are the ones who are schismatics. That heretics occupy the vast majority of temples, bishops’ conferences, and the curia. And that, of course, if someone has to leave, it is them, and not us. Because we, Excellency, are where we always are and we have not moved: we are with Sacred Scripture, Sound Doctrine, Sacred Tradition and the Bimillennial Magisterium. And those four fundamental pillars, in the hands of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, reflect what it is to be Catholic. And not those who hold a supposed pontificate, which obviously acts as the main enemy of the institution itself that must lead and orient towards God.


The Catholic must be with the Pope … yes … but as long as the Pope is with Christ.


Because, Excellency … doesn’t Saint Paul remind us very well that “if even we, or an angel from heaven, proclaim a different gospel to you than the one we have announced to you, let him be anathema”? (Gal 1, 8-11) Isn’t Bergoglio, together with his hierarchy, and all the obsequious episcopate, preaching a Gospel that has nothing to do with that of Christ?


Once again, the words of Saint Athanasius come to my mind: “They will have the Temples, but we have the faith.” And that is where we remain strong and firm in faith in Christ: Truth is one, Truth is timeless, Truth is Christ. And there is no supposed Pope or angelic court, neither on earth nor in heaven, that can change a single comma of the Law.


What I say is so obvious, Excellency, that sometimes I feel that I preach in the desert, when so many Catholics, listening to us, label us foolish, just for denouncing the continuing apostasy of the current Vatican.


And for this reason, Excellency, it is that your voice, your work, your courage and your sacrifice act as a true and constant reference of confirmation in faith for all of us, who, with pain, seeing the situation of our Church, but with the determination and commitment to continue fighting, for her and for Our Lord Jesus Christ, until death if necessary, we will not give up in the effort to continue working humbly in the Lord’s vineyard with only two objectives: the Glory of God and the salvation of the souls.


With everything and with it; it is evident that the evils that afflict our dear Mother Church were not born with Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He has not appeared as a spontaneous fungus in the field. The evils that threaten us are the result of a long, deep, thoughtful and orchestrated infiltration plan in the Church of marxist ideology and freemasonry, which today occupy a large part of the ecclesiastical offices, with the invaluable help of all the modernist clergy , headed by the Jesuits themselves. Some plans that obtain a great triumph at the Second Vatican Council, and that achieve their “final victory” with the placement of one of their own in the chair of Peter.


But that apparently final victory is so weak! … They think that they have already won the battle, they think that the Church is already part of the Deep State and that it is already the Deep Church that all these fanatics dreamed of when they planned to infiltrate the only Institution that acted as a counterweight to worldly values: the Catholic Church.


But they are wrong. The Catholic Church was founded by Christ, and God is not mocked. Great tribulations await us, yes, and we are ready for them out of love for the Lord. But the final victory belongs to Christ the King of the Universe, who has already saved all those who accept that holy redemption with filial devotion and make it work in them, living as Catholics. Just the opposite of what this apostate hierarchy is painfully doing. And not a single hair of our head moves without God knowing it, and in his infinite and providential plan of salvation for men this was written. And also his promise: “Non praevalebunt …”.


For this reason, very dear Archbishop, we want this humble letter to serve to convey to you all our encouragement, all our impulse and all our prayers, in the providential mission that our Lord Jesus Christ, without any doubt, has entrusted to you. You will know them by their works …


And may it also serve so that, from our status as his spiritual children, we can gratefully ask for his confirmation in our faith: in the faith of our Holy Mother Church that we boast of professing. And let us ask you:


Do we act in obedience to God when we say that Bergoglio’s dictates cannot be followed without betraying Christ himself?


Do we act in obedience to God when we say that those of us who humbly claim to be part of that Faithful Catholic Remnant are called to be the true Church of Our Lord, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, destined for Christ to find faith on earth when He returns?


Do we act, in short, Excellency, obedient to God, when we are willing to accept all the persecutions, tribulations and sufferings, rather than renounce the Timeless Truth that is Christ, the Sacred Scriptures, the Sound Doctrine, the Sacred Tradition and the Bimillennial Teaching?


Excellency: as children of the Church, and as sheep trying to graze in the Lord’s green fields, we seek the voice of our shepherd, so that from the apostolic succession that you embody, he may confirm us in faith. Are we doing good, Excellency, recognizing in you the faithful voice of the Apostle who evangelizes in season and out of season, and who, in perfect and direct apostolic succession, continues to uphold the faith of these children of yours who submit to your spiritual direction, in union with the Pedro’s chair? We believe that it cannot be otherwise; and that we cannot, however, under any circumstances attend to the false words of the person who currently occupies it.

God bless you, now and always, Excellency; and let us offer you our support, and prayers.


In Valencia (Spain) on September 15, 2020.

Festivity of the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows.

Vicente Montesinos

Director of “Adoración y Liberacion”

In Coordination of the Catholic Faithful Remnant





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