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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, General Piero Laporta continues – we are almost at the end – his ride through the historical events that have generated the situation in which we find ourselves. Enjoy your reading.


We are almost concluding the tough racing inside History, back and forth, from three thousand years ago, since the Jews civilization until today, to grasp the thin and endure thread connecting these centuries.


The ceaseless war

The war has always been the foaling or the dying out of the Countries. Nevertheless, we have one miraculous exception: Soviet Union’s downfall during the 1991 Christmas night, catholic Christmas, not orthodox. No more war, somebody said after the Red Flag’s lowering to raise the three colors Russian flag on the Kremlin. False hope: the war got everywhere outside the G20 area. Finally, also Turkey, a G20 member, is fighting on the Syrian border and in Libya, against the Catholics and US interests.

The mountain of dead, the millions injured, the millions forced to expatriate are enormous matters, but the real danger for Mankind is the ceaseless struggle, after Cold War, involving the whole World Countries, getting worse by technology, nowadays a struggle viewably always warmer, leading us a step towards the nuclear war. The wars after the 1989 has been not only what we usually imagine, thanks cinema and television. Bombs, soldiers and tanks, like in the Balkans and Syria, are just some options among many others, offered by society, economics, science and hi-tech. Nevertheless, the strategy’s general purpose is and has always been to preserve own capacity to decide, depriving the competitors. Our ancient fathers, lacking different tools, have run their strategy only by military force’s application. The increasing of countless killed persons, military as well as civilian, has been the trivial outcome. Since the mass destruction weapons has been massively entered the scene, the upper classes and the top-level decision makers has been involved as the last soldiers inside the trench, risking to be in turn killed. The things so changed. The “Arms Control” was the therapy tailored for avoiding another Mondial war. But struggle after struggle, the nuclear war is a whole world threat.

Nowadays the strategy’s general purpose is the same as always – to preserve own capacity to decide, depriving the competitors – but having many different and effective tools for war making and for squeezing the peoples like olives oil, seemingly without spilling blood. Or, if the spilling blood is necessary, the wars are “humanitarian missions”, “export of democracy” or “Muslim spring”. Indeed, the bare word “war” isn’t politically correct; it is a sort of hate speech, despite the purpose is absolutely the same of the traditional war. So we are forgetting that only three class of dangerous decision makers lie behind the peace flag: 1) the cowards; 2) the strongest determined to control the status quo; 3) the weaker while is stealing to became the strongest.


The not military tools of war making (passing off like peace) allow to appear and to self-claim as the most peaceful, despite the own real aggressive purposes. Indeed, the more a State (or a transnational entity) is aggressive, the more it will appear peaceful and it can be interested in financing and supporting peace movements and disarming policies (of the competitors, of course). The more a State (or a transnational entity) has a difficult aim, the more it must adopt an indirect strategy to dissimulate its real purposes. We therefore will examine how LGBT and similar movements affect the consensus and the strategies; in other words, the balance of politics, economics and security.


The not military tools of war making (passing off like peace making) allow to appear and to self-claim as the most peaceful, despite the own real aggressive purposes. Indeed, the more a State (or a transnational entity) is aggressive, the more it will appear peaceful and it can be interested in financing and supporting peace movements and disarming policies (of the competitors, of course). The more a State (or a transnational entity) has a difficult aim, the more it must adopt an indirect strategy to dissimulate its real purposes. We therefore will examine how LGBT, the ONGs, the contractors and similar movements affect the consensus and the strategies; in other words, the balance of politics, economics and security.


An effective strategy must succeed through all the means provided by social resources, science, economics and Hi-Tech, supported by artificial intelligence, also manipulating the mass consensus. Conclusively, while the deception plan once was involving only the opposing armies, nowadays the deception is the real core of politics at all. This is why the intelligence services have prominent roles inside the top-level political decision making, so corrupting first of all the social aggregations, the mass media and judiciary systems. The intelligence services are essential for deception and to hit from behind the opposing. This means the corruption of the whole democracy, therefore becoming superfluous. Is this the civilization? After all, EU has been evolving along this path.


Now we have only a mummy democracy, a sort of totem “Mummydem”, a divinity of a new religion to which the people’s submission is a must. Mummydem is a new Trinity composed by Market, Finance and Politics.


Emergency heads the war

The officiators of Mummydem Trinity are the new worldwide aristocracy. As happened in ancient times, we find positions as similar as emperors, kings, princes, dukes and the lesser aristocracy, appointed through incomes. Police, soldiers and tax collectors are under the new aristocracy’s control, dominating vassals, small owners, beggars and slaves, the latter as numerous as never before in history. Industrialists and magistrates are from time to time fittings or competitors of the aristocracy. The leaders of the militias and tax collectors, however, must be overpaid, not being able, as in the past, to make up through looting the unfortunates in their clutches. This does not exclude theirs and the troops’ lower levels of predatory rights, becoming illegal only when revealed by television. Indeed, TV, Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tweet, and so on are the new Olympus of Mummydem, that is not interested in slave-free humanity. Mummydem is the new religion of tolerance and peace (how to doubt it?), polytheist, ready to welcome all the new divinities who prostrate themselves to Mummydem to submit the people to her officiants.


Mummydem is patroness of the police state, heinous more than that brought to us by the Enlightenment, who has now come back under multiple faces: sovereign or anti-supranational, national or supranational, pauperism or capitalism, pacifist and warmonger; always changing according to the particular communities to be subjugated; however equipped to increase the cult of Mummydem, the adoration of the trinity that penetrates the hearts of people, in their freedom of thought, in their fundamental freedoms, in the intimacy of individuals and families, to approve or persecute them.


The red angel “Emergency” his the most loyal multi headed demon: anti-mafia, anti-communism, anti-fascism, anti-crisis, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-virus, anti whatever is functional to Mummydem and, above all, to its more subtle configurations “Democratic emergency” and lastly “Health emergency”. Each of Emergency heads has its own cicisbeos and their rites, committed to introducing divisive laws, useful to put the people at war against people, allowing cicisbeos to gain credit of Mummydem and therefore enter the aristocratic heaven.


It is interesting to observe how exactly Mummydem is as the forger historians described the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages (“the dark ages”). These historian cicisbeos do not notice that the non-existent Church they have describe is exactly the one that today is very present and determined to dominate uncontrolled under the guise of Mummydem. Curious, don’t you think?


Mummydem’s cicisbeos

Mummydem, let’s watch it, “is war”. His divinities are at war with each other and, all together, they get unceasing war to the people. In other words, Mummydem is incessantly at war to regenerate itself. She must continually identify enemies in one part, against which to culvert the remaining.

Mummydem hates Donald Trump because he put out all the wars waged by his predecessors after 1989. The war, elevated to political perversion since the post-war, was denounced by two great American presidents: Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy. The former discovered his papers while leaving the White House, the latter has not been likewise cautious. The third great prophet of the last century, with clear ideas about the bloodthirsty anti-popular power, was S.S. Pius XII, who fought relentlessly Nazism, communism and their post-Enlightenment metamorphosis. This ignites the hostility of those who dream of the police state, injected through “emergencies”.

While the cicisbeos seem to overcome all resistance, the Catholic Church lets itself be subdued. Nevertheless, the impossibility of de-Christianizing society to replace a fair, stable and reliable model is evident. On the contrary, the precariousness of work combines that of the family, the precariousness of existence, of the social relationships. Everything whirls uncontrollably towards slavery, poverty, chaos and finally the nuclear confrontation. The wealthy families, the ruling classes so far ironic observers of the social unease, while was falling over the lower middle classes, finally understand the danger of a handful of cicisbeo, perfumed, cynical and corrupt. They presume to be Power, in reality they are only vulgar puppets, dirty Satanists, committed to blaspheming God, the Fatherland and the Family.

It is a war as old as the Church is ancient: «By nature a man is not destined to use another man as an end» said St. Thomas in the Summa Theologica, written more than eight centuries ago, giving definitive form to the Catholic doctrine against slavery and paving the way for doctrine social life of the Church.

Today, the end of the 18th century is coming back. There is again a separation between truth, opinion and urgency of the needy. Then the noble wealthy classes converted truth into opinion, leaving free space for the legitimate anger of those who had neither truth nor opinion, but only the need for representation. It was the original voice of God inscribed in the heart of every man. The French Revolution did not want to recognize the divinity of God in that primordial voice.

The sharpness of Catholic positions before Vatican II are therefore unbearable for crime-power. Similarly, unbearable the “Defensor Civitatis” (Defender of Civilization), H.H. Pius XII is to the stupid servants of Mummydem, the crime-power. H.H. Pius XII was the only head of state in the world who before, during and after the war committed all his personal assets, all the human and material resources of the Vatican for the good of all, without discrimination.

Those who re-read what S.S. Pius XII preached repeatedly, understand how much he saw the clutter lurking with extreme clarity: «Our last Christmas message set forth the principles, suggested by Christian thought, to establish an order of coexistence and international collaboration, in accordance with divine norms. Today we want to linger, confident of the consent and interest of all honest people, with particular care and equal impartiality on the fundamental norms of the internal order of states and peoples. International relations and internal order are intimately connected, since the balance and harmony between nations depend on the internal balance and internal maturity of individual states in the material, social and intellectual fields. Nor can a solid and undisturbed peace front towards the outside be in fact possible without a peace front inside, which inspires trust. Only, therefore, the aspiration towards an integral peace in the two camps will be to free the peoples from the cruel nightmare of the war, to gradually diminish or overcome the material and psychological causes of new imbalances and upheavals»[PIO PP. XII, Radio message on the eve of Christmas 1942, To all peoples of the world].


H.H. Pius XII developed similar concepts in his latest encyclical, July 14, 1958, anniversary of the French Revolution: «If we weigh carefully the causes of today’s crises and those that are ahead, we shall soon find that human plans, human resources, and human endeavors are futile and will fail when Almighty God – He who enlightens, commands, and forbids; He who is the source and guarantor of justice, the fountainhead of truth, the basis of all laws – is esteemed but little, denied His proper place, or even completely disregarded. If a house is not built on a solid and sure foundation, it tumbles down; if a mind is not enlightened by the divine light, it strays more or less from the whole truth; if citizens, peoples, and nations are not animated by brotherly love, strife is born, waxes strong, and reaches full growth.


It is Christianity, above all others, which teaches the full truth, real justice, and that divine charity which drives away hatred, ill will, and enmity. Christianity has been given charge of these virtues by the Divine Redeemer, who is the way, the truth, and the life, and she must do all in her power to put them to use. Anyone, therefore, who knowingly ignores Christianity – the Catholic Church – or tries to hinder, demean, or undo her, either weakens thereby the very bases of society, or tries to replace them with props not strong enough to support the edifice of human worth, freedom, and well-being.


There must, then, be a return to Christian principles if we are to establish a society that is strong, just, and equitable. It is a harmful and reckless policy to do battle with Christianity, for God guarantees, and history testifies, that she shall exist forever. Everyone should realize that a nation cannot be well organized or well-ordered with religion.


As a matter of fact, religion contributes more to good, just, and orderly life than it could if it had been conceived for no other purpose than to supply and augment the necessities of mortal existence. For religion bids men live in charity, justice, and obedience to law; it condemns and outlaws vice; it incites citizens to the pursuit of virtue and thereby rules and moderates their public and private conduct. Religion teaches mankind that a better distribution of wealth should be had, not by violence or revolution, but by reasonable regulations, so that the proletarian classes which do not yet enjoy life’s necessities or advantages may be raised to a more fitting status without social strife» (Let. Enc. Meminisse Iuvat)


S.S. Pius XII had an exact vision of what was happening and above all of the role of the Church in China, to which he devoted his penultimate encyclical Ad Apostolorum Principis, on 29 June 1958, the celebration of St. Peter and Paul: «On that occasion We raised Our voice in sorrow, and, in Our Encyclical of January 18, 1952, Cupimus imprimis, rebuked the unjust attack. In that letter, for the sake of truth and conscious of Our duty, We declared that the Catholic Church is a stranger to no people on earth, much less hostile to any. With a mother’s anxiety, she embraces all peoples in impartial charity. She seeks no earthly advantage but employs what powers she possesses to attract the souls of all men to seek what is eternal. We also stated that missionaries promote the interest of no particular nation; they come from every quarter of the earth and are united by a single love, God, and thus they seek and hope for nothing else save the spread of God’s kingdom. Thus, it is clear that their work is neither without purpose nor harmful, but beneficent and necessary since it aids Chinese priests in their Christian apostolate. And some two years later, October 7, 1954, another Encyclical Letter was addressed to you, beginning Ad Sinarum gentem, [4] in which We refuted accusations made against Catholics in China. We openly declared that Catholics yielded to none (nor could they do so) in their true loyalty and love of their native country. Seeing also that there was being spread among you the doctrine of the so-called “three autonomies,” We warned – by virtue of that universal teaching authority which We exercise by divine command – that this same doctrine as understood by its authors, whether in theory or in its consequences, cannot receive the approval of a Catholic, since it turns minds away from the essential unity of the Church ». Ad Apostolorum Principis (June 29, 1958)


Unbearable words for those who, set aside by Nikita Khrushchev and John Kennedy, exploit the people from West to East, from North to South, using the balance of terror; the Israeli Arab conflict to pump the price of oil and raw materials; to build neo-colonialism; to regiment the peoples, manipulating their consent; to impose the domination of money over work; to enslave people with the consent of bishops. Few prelates were able to understand H.H. Pius XII; on the other hand, too many are committed to begging the compromise with the adverse parties.


The beggars of Catto-Communism (Catholic and Communist) make the rooster ceaselessly sing. Catto-Communism has nothing of the great Catholic thought, it does not even have the shadow of the monumental Marx-Leninist syntheses. It is only a paraphilosophical flatulence, devoid of a solid basis of thought (weak thought, they said), incapable of guaranteeing the future, useful only for legitimizing crime and some lousy philosophers. Since then the result is evident despite the claps of Italian bourgeoisie, soi disant Communist.


Ignorant Italian bourgeoisie


The total silence of the Jewish interlocutors welcomed the second article on S.S. Pius XII. Also, two (former?) friends, generous of insults, are still silent; no matter. I wait for them at the next wave of slanders against S.S. Pius XII.


A Jewish friend, Paola Farina, who repeatedly evaded the discussion, replied at the umpteenth insistence: “F*** Pius XII”, a Zionist poster, full of meanings. Yet she knows how anti-Semitism becomes refractory to any countermeasure thanks to hatred and falsehood, even from the Jewish side, from her side, herself, this time.


We Catholics enjoy the heavy and wonderful advantage of not lying and not hating, no matter what it costs, not even hating those who insult us. It is here, after all, the civilization’s root. I wonder when Sergio Nicolò Gebbia, Carabinieri’s general, will understand it. It deserves to be mentioned because he is the second one, with Paola Farina, speaking clearly. He was an excellent investigator, togay a brilliant writer of thrillers and soi disant Trotskyist Communist (he will forgive me if I doubt he read a line of Trotsky further the Wikipedia and the philosophy manual in high school). He repeatedly asked me the second article on S.S. Pius XII. I sent it to him with a quantity of documents. He replies on Facebook: «I am a new friend of Piero Laporta, active on the web much more than me. We are already close to divorce for religious matters, because I became orthodox in Sarajevo while he is a Catholic fundamentalist and is undergoing a crusade to remake the image of Pope Pius XII, discredited in the western world for a certain acquiescence to Nazism, for an unproven indifference to the extermination of the Jews, and for the role played in the Odessa organization which, after the war, managed to save many Nazis in welcoming countries of South America, mainly Paraguay and Argentina of General Peron. According to him they are all, and entirely, falsehoods. He wants to force me to read his counterclaims, allegedly supported by documentary evidence, while I, despite having tried, stopped after a few lines». Fundamentalist? Crusade? H.H. Pius XII in the Odessa network? An investigator, devoted to objectivity, soi disant Trotskyist Communist, amasses nonsense, after having repeatedly asked me for the article. Why should I quarrel since he “stopped after a few lines”? I’m sure he can read me more carefully and even learn something also about punctuation. I wait, therefore. On the other hand, the sagacity of an old Catholic adage occurs: there is the “eighth sacrament”, the ignorance, to save everyone, even the most obstinate. They don’t need humanity; ideology is enough to supply the lack of brain.


Italian bourgeoisie produce cadaverine

I am very grateful to these my faithful friends, photos of today’s middle Italian bourgeoisie, unable to wash away the 68’s ideologies (anti-Zionist, anti-Catholic, anti-communist, anti-fascist, anti-homophobia, anti-anything as long as it is), producing cadaverine: flammable, putrescent, ephemeral and toxic.


The nonsense of today’s political cicisbei pantographs the Italian middle class. A polyglot, with vast and relevant experiences and a Carabinieri’s general revealing themselves unable for contradictory, reveal themselves similar to the remaining Jewish friends(?): the ideological hatred prevails, silent or flattering it may be.


These are many Italian bourgeois. It is therefore not surprising the bourgeois Matteo Salvini while gabelling affinity with Enrico Berlinguer. Ridiculous, before stupid. the journalist Marcello Veneziani in turn involuntarily comic, taking him seriously: «The values of the PCI are not, they cannot be the values of the people who vote for you» reproaching Salvini «Because the PCI was a party tied to Moscow in a double line, from which it took money, inspiration and orders, until the seventies. Because the PCI dreamed of a model of an egalitarian and collectivist society which are certainly not the references, let alone the ideals, of the Italians who vote for you and of the VAT people. And if they are not right-wingers, they are ex-Christian Democrats and anti-communists, in open conflict not only with the old PCI of Togliatti but also with the PCI of Berlinguer».


The bourgeois capons


Berlinguer was Communist? Berlinguer tied to Moscow? The usual petty bourgeois Italians,  no matter who they are, like Gebbia or Veneziani, they divide the world: left and right, like the capons of Alessandro Manzoni, one against the other. The rich man is right-wing, the beggar is on the left. Culture left-wing, ignorance on the right. Work on the left-wing, rent on the right. Since the assassination of Aldo Moro the fiction to damage the stupids is increasingly evident, dear Veneziani. The law of power is instead simple: money upwards, dung downwards. The badge of one party or another one is valid as long as it respects this law. Enrico Berlinguer knew this very well, having breathed it in his family.


Yes, Moscow has financed the PCI, which – with the blessing of Gianni Agnelli, Giulio Andreotti and the US State Department – made the Italian government spend an incalculable mountain of billions for URSS. In 1967 Italy financed Togliattigrad (see Wikipedia) with 250 billion lire. After ten years, we are in 1977, the year before the killing of Aldo Moro. The clash between NATO and the Warsaw Pact was apparently in full swing. Yet, for those who wanted to see them, singular transversalities were surfacing, not as evident as they are now, however very concrete, as the 650 million dollars that the highly indebted Italy has granted to the Soviet Union at a subsidized rate were concrete. I repeat: 650 million dollars, precisely the amount of International Monetary Fund had had just lent us. So, Italy’s inflation rate in 1977 was 17 percent when Giulio Andreotti donated $ 650 million to Moscow. In those years one of his closest relatives, who do not like women very much, was studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


US treasury minister, Michael Blumenthal, had supported Giulio Andreotti, head of government, while was bleeding Italy to give money to the Soviet enemy. Bizarre, one might say. The money connected Giulio Andreotti, Moscow, Washington, Berlinguer, Henry Kissinger and Gianni Agnelli. It did not touch Aldo Moro. Money, mountains of money; money without smell or political color. What goal for such a lot of money? What is the unspeakable purpose, which Berlinguer accepted after the attempt on Sofia on 3 October 1973? A truly atrocious secret if even today the PCI’s chamberlains raise smoke screens on the issue.


1977, the march towards the Euro-missiles and the Comiso base’s build began. The contracts, another mountain of money, were preceded by negotiations between Admiral Fulvio Martini (sent by Francesco Cossiga) and the mafia. Emilian cooperatives awarded the contracts. The Comiso base was a military nonsense, a very expensive nonsense, but enough to crush Aldo Moro, Pio La Torre, Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa and Piersanti Mattarella. The latter’s brother, Sergio, learned the lesson and remained in the shadows. Enrico Berlinguer, of older ancestry, had always known the lesson: he commemorated and got indignant in silence, at no cost. 1977, a year before the assassination of Aldo Moro. The total debt to Italy of the beggar Warsaw Pact countries was $US 4.5 billion. A year before the bloody theater of via Fani and the assassination of Aldo Moro.


Would the Lecce’s statesman, now portrayed with the communist newspaper in his pocket, die because Francesco Cossiga, Giulio Andreotti, Benigno Zaccagnini and Enrico Berlinguer were Christian Democrats and Communists with peculiar values? Marcello Veneziani is more ridiculous than Matteo Salvini.


Who Enrico Berlinguer was

His grandfather, Enrico too, saw long. His eldest son, Mario (father of the PCI leader) married Mariuccia Loriga, daughter of Giovanni Loriga and a daughter of Pietro Satta-Branca. On October 25, 1924, Mario became free mason of the “Giovanni Maria Angioy” lodge at Sassari. He was a close friend of Palmiro Togliatti since the frequency of the Azuni high school in Sassari and they exchanged favors in quantity, before, during and after the WW2. Aldo, the second son, married Maria Pilo, daughter of the lawyer Luigi Pilo, founder of the Sassari’s Fascist Party and intimate of Dino Grandi. So, the Fascist coverage was also ensured. Ines, the first of the females, married Stefano Siglienti, of Action Party, on the international finance first line, minister of the Treasury of the first republican government, closely linked to the OSS and US State Department. Siglienti was managing the funds of the Marshall Plan.


A curiosity: Berlinguer’s official biographies obscure his father’s second wife, Corinna Adelaide Augusta Fidelia, called Niki, widow of Carmelo Nicitra, director of the Fascist Cultural Institute and their tentacles up to Salò Republic.


Whoever had won the war, the Berlinguer family had already won before it started. Enrico Berlinguer, a draft-exempt while others were at the first line front for him, joined the Italian Communist Party in August 1943, after Fascism collapsed. His file in the fascist police headquarters is empty till August 1943. Later he was under the wings of Togliatti, the friend of his father.


Giancarlo Pajetta’s joke about Berlinguer: «When he was very young he joined the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party» describes what happened before and after Berlinguer’s entry into the PCI. It is even more explainable with the death of Aldo Moro. In conclusion, General Gebbia is more reliable to be a Trotskyist Communist (although a Wikipedian) than Berlinguer as Communist. Nonetheless he is a myth; it is necessary to remember it during these days, while other myths are seeking the foreground.


When Berlinguer raised the “moral question”, he was part of the disease he wanted to be therapy for. The depth and severity of the worsening disease infected all Italy, all its social strata, from the highest to the lowest, as we can see today. Shut up, those who are about to scream for Christian Democrat and Socialist wrongdoings. After the assassination of Aldo Moro, “also” by hands of the catto-communist, there was an incessant war in the political gynaeceum. Tangentopoli was a momentary victory for Aldo Moro’s killers. After thirty years of decay, massacres, betrayals, transverse thieves, you can no longer pretend. Caligula appointed his favorite horse Senator Incitatus, (Impetuous). Today the choice is between donkeys and hyenas: politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, admirals, an entire ruling class and their lackeys.


So we are going towards atrocious violence’s outbreaks. In recent years Italy has raised more than one revolutionary class. They finally realized it even in the power’s gynoecium. The cicisbeos know they are condemned by their own ridiculousness. They tremble as they flaunt security: the Italians know how well all these Cicisbei are determined to defend the interests of Italy right down to the last drop of… perfume.

There is only one way to avoid disaster, with a little luck and above all with God’s help. (11-continues)

Piero Laporta




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