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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, don Alfredo Morselli wrote in the form of a letter (text below) the considerations that were subsequently published on the blog archbishop Viganò answered. Enjoy your reading. 


Exchange of letters between Don Alfredo Maria Morselli and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on Vatican II


Ave Maria! I would like to better explain why I do not place all of the blame for the present crisis at the feet of Vatican II, while not denying its function as a detonator (which cannot do anything in itself without explosives). Marketing strategies are divided into push and pull strategies; that is, a company that is trying to sell a product can seek to create a need for it and push something for which there is no real need. Or else it can, after investigating the market, understand that there is an ample pool of potential clients who feel the need for a certain product. The two strategies often work together.

What is the “commercial” analaysis of the situation prior to the Council? The thermometer of a good part of the clergy and Catholic intelligentsia indicated moral corruption, tepidity, fear, pride, careerism, a desire to break away from the Cross and come to terms with the world. The pot uncovered by Viganò had been boiling for a long time.

Saint Paul said that times would come in which men would be surrounded by teachers according to their own desires, teachers who would have support and make possible calling good evil and vice-versa (Cf. 2 Tim 4:3).

The teachers according to the desires of the world have understood that the moment has come to present themselves to the world and sell their product in a good market. What I am saying is that if the market was not ready, the product would not have been launched.

After the death of Saint Pius X men continued to sin, the battle against Modernism was quickly forgotten, Modernism grew back to such an extent that Pius XII, Garrigou Lagrange and Mariano Cordovani did not succeed in even scratching the surface of the Nouvelle Theologie that occupied all the university chairs. Masonry placed the most impure blackmailable people in key positions, and the good (who in reality were not truly good) were just so many Don Abbondios.

The tumor spread metastases everywhere, and the most recent popes Paul VI, Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, could only adminiser palliatives. Some also criticize the aforementioned popes, but perhaps it was the best our Eternal Father could do. Or else he mysteriously allowed a providential “evil of punishment” to form. And in the meantime the “test tube” with an ad hoc in vitro pontiff was kept in the laboratories of the Modernists.

Now the patient is in hospice, hanging on the double thread of the “non praevalebunt” and the promises of Fatima. And also on the great quantity of Blood in the third part of the secret.


In Corde Matris,

Father Alfredo M. Morselli

Response of Archbishop Viganò


Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

24 June 2020


Dear and Reverend Father Morselli,

I thank you for your email, in which I see confirmed your supernatural vision of the events that afflict Holy Mother Church.

I am in agreement with you on the fact that the Second Vatican Council cannot be considered as a sort of subject in itself, endowed with its own will. Authoritative studies have demonstrated that the preparatory schemae prepared by the Holy Office were meant to confirm the image of a rock-solid Church that in reality, especially far from Rome, was showing signs of a dangerous breakdown. And if it was so simple to replace them with new schemae that had been prepared in the cliques of German, French, Swiss, and Dutch innovators, evidently many members of the episcopate (with their court of self-styled theologians, the majority of whom were already the object of canonical censures) were corrupt in both intellect and will.

What you identify with the most common marketing strategies and that you rightly see as having been realized in the Council was in fact a dishonest operation, a scam carried out against the faithful and the clergy: in order to increase business, the product and the corporate image were changed, promoting it with publicity campaigns and discounts. The “warehouse leftovers” were liquidated or sent to the pulping mill. But the Church of Christ is not a corporation, it has no commercial purposes, and its ministers are not managers. This sensational error, or rather this true and proper fraud, was conceived by people who with this human and mercantile vision of spiritual things demonstrated not only their own inadequacy but also their unworthiness for the role they held. And yet it was precisely that mentality that officially marked the rupture with Tradition: transforming the Church into a corporation meant placing it into an absurd competition with competing sects and false religions, imposing an adaptation of the “product” to meet the alleged needs of the customers, and at the same time also imposing the need to arouse in potential buyers the need for new, alternative “goods and services” which they did not even feel a need for. And thus we were given the communitarian emphasis of the Liturgy, the “do-it-yourself” approach to Scripture, the “throw it all out” approach to Doctrine and Morals, the new staff uniforms, etc….

I believe that, if we want to continue with the comparison that you have suggested, it cannot be denied that precisely in order to eliminate the presence of a product that does not have many competitors, it was necessary not only to make it less exclusive but sooner or later to reach the point of absorbing the company that produces it by a more powerful and widespread one: initially the best product is kept as the “first line” for a more demanding clientele, then it is removed from production and finally even the brand itself disappears. Proceeding along this slippery, unfortunate and destructive path, we have finally arrived at the bankruptcy of the company at the hands of its Argentinian liquidator, ready to deliver the Church of Mercy Co. into the hands of the New World Order. Bergoglio is probably confident that, in this new structure, he will be given some sort of managerial role, if only out of recognition for the work he has accomplished.

There is no one who cannot see that this commercial vision has nothing Catholic about it, above all since the Church belongs to Christ, who delegates her government to His vicars. Transforming the Church into what it is not and never can be takes shape as a very grave sin and an unheard of crime, both against God and against the flock that He has ordered to graze in very well-defined pastures, not to be dispersed in crevasses and brambles. And if the ones responsible for this enormous ruin are the unfaithful administrators who falsified the statutes and balance sheets and defrauded the customers, they will have to be asked for an account: redde rationem villicationis tuae [give an account of your management] (Lk 16:2).

Cum benedictione

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Official translation by Giuseppe Pellegrino






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