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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, General Piero Laporta offers us an extremely extensive, documented and hardly refutable article on the position and conduct of Pope Pius XII during the war and the Nazi occupation. Enjoy reading it.


After having revealed and demolished, in the previous chapter, the structure of the slander against His Holiness Pius XII, today we enter into the heart of the accusations. Indeed, there are other accusations. I am very sorry. A intellectual Jewish, whom I respect a lot, underlines his distance from the Soviet KGB operation of “The Vicar” by Rolf Hochhut. He considers however hostile the Angelic Shepherd to Jews and Judaism, due to His strenuous defense of traditional doctrine. And he adds: «rescue of the Nazi criminals, refusal to return the Jewish children hosted in the convents, total opposition to the nascent state of Israel, opposition to the nascent dialogue and initiatives promoted by Jules Isaac, the matter “perfidis Iudaeis”» therefore concluding: «And please do not cite Golda Meir…. »

I remember this letter, among many other of Jewish friends, and another, which raises “The scandal of the archives on Pope Pius XII, opened only after March 2”. Please, dear Jewish brother, be careful. I know you, I can swear your good faith. I know well that the real enemies of His Holiness Pius XII are the elite circles, but not you. So, I do not understand such obstinacy in accusing without evidence. Now be patient and follow my steps.

In mid 2004, “Inter Arma Caritas” was published. It was collected from the Vatican Secret Archive, two volumes. They were also published 11 volumes: “Acts and Documents of the Holy See for the period of World War II”. The second volume of Inter Arma Caritas lists – name and surname – the hundreds of Jews saved in the Vatican. Who read these volumes? How many have studied them? Judging by the accusations, very few.

In February 2005, the plaque that slanders His Holiness Pius XII was posted in the Yad Vashem Museum. Meanwhile, John Paul II was suffering the last weeks of his life. He had not therefore the forces to react. Today we know that the “Mafia of St. Gallen” conspired to pollute His succession. His Holiness Benedict XVI was elected and a highly respected Jew, RG, associated with Clinton’s worst foam, acted to bring down Pope Ratzinger. Most Jewish circles applauded Bergoglio. After this masterpiece of self-harm Jewish, yet another of their history, we are still discussing about a giant of the Faith and of intellect, His Holiness Pius XII. Meditate, Jewish brothers, meditate.

Don’t be afraid

None of my illustrious interlocutors dispute a single syllable of what I wrote in the first chapter. Everyone agrees about the Soviet pollution of “The Vicar”. However, they expand the field of the accusations, without abandoning the method already discussed in the first chapter. These are accusations without evidence, which transform the History into a court in which the accused (already deceased) must prove his innocence. I understand, the situation today requires a good courage to admit a mistake. Both Jewish circles and the left (self-styled Catholics) must nevertheless find the courage to swim against the tide. The courage is the virtue of difficult times. I know, so I am forced to shoot in the pile. Could some friends see a personal attack? If it was: ” Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas ” (Plato is my friend, but I am closer friend of the truth).

They say: «Much more can be said about His Holiness Pius XII» Okay, the challenge has been accepted. Let Rolf Hochhut to his infamous destiny. I face the new charges, however, carried out by the same method of the Vicar.

Arguments are not valid against facts

Is Rolf Hochhut therefore no more a matter? No, absolutely not. Indeed, we must realize the lesson. None of my interlocutors deny, as I said, the Soviet direction of the game. However, it remains to be explained – they must feel the duty to explain – a three-quarter-century slandering against His Holiness Pius XII, as “insensitive” and “silent”, according to what Hochhut claims in his Holocaust drama.

I don’t need to mention Golda Meir, as my illustrious interlocutor fears. Anyone can find on the web how much she praised His Holiness Pius XII. I know why she did it. I omit also the Yom Kippur War, when she was prime minister. That war, one of the darkest pages of Israeli history, of Richard Nixon and of the other ineffable Jew, Henry Kissinger. We do not even try to find some praises to His Holiness Pope Pius XII, in particular on the left-wing’s daily newspapers, financed by the Kremlin. They distributed poison, especially after losing the general elections of 18 April 1948. In spite of everything, my esteemed Jewish interlocutors are well aware of how many hundreds and hundreds of witnesses – during and immediately after the war – recognized the goodness and mercy of His Holiness Pius XII towards the Jews. The witnesses have appeared in newspapers not controlled by Vatican: “The Palestine Post”, “The Réforme Advocate”, “Bnei British Messenger”, “American Jewish World”, “Jewish Telegraph Agency”… just to list someone.

Let’s limit ourselves to some curiosities. On October 19, 1945 “The Réforme Advocate” reported (published six days before even by “Jewish Telegraph Agency”): The “World Jewish Congress” gives $20,000 to the Vatican “in gratitude for what he had done for the Jews during the war”. The Union of Italian Jewish Communities advocated the donation; mind you: “Union of Italian Jewish Communities”.

A few days later, Pope Pius XII received Rabbi David Prato. He was chief rabbi in Rome and director of the Italian Rabbinical College, from 1945 until his death in 1951. Rav Prato thanked His Holiness Pius XII for helping the Jews during the persecution.

The donation of the World Jewish Congress was harshly criticized by the Swiss Socialist newspaper “Berner Tagwacht”: “While European Jewish survivors live in despair or in need, there is no reason for such a gift to the institution richest in the world”. Rav Prato didn’t care. The Central Archive of History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem keeps all the Rav Prato’s personal archive. Do Yad Vashem executives know this? By the way, the Swiss archives on the Shoah are still closed. We’ll talk about it.

Nobel Prize for Peace

Nobody remembers, really nobody remembers a sensational fact? A fact that should close any matters and contradictions about the charge of the “insensitivity” and “silence” on His Holiness Pius XII. This detail has escaped the accusers or has been hidden.

At the end of March 1947, His Holiness Pius XII was nominated – together with other leading personalities – to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Do my distinguished Jewish interlocutor know who supported the candidacy? A little help:  the Vatican wasn’t, nor the Soviet Union, nor Britain, nor France, nor West Germany. Dear Jewish friend, reassure yourself however, breathe a sigh of relief: His Holiness Pius XII did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Two benefits agencies won, one of US, the other one British: “The American Friends Service Committee” and “The Friends Service Council”, both Quakers.

His Holiness Pius XII immediately rejected the candidacy: «The pope does not need prizes to fulfill his duty» he said when Monsignor Domenico Tardini told him the news. The question was closed without further noise, as usual. This was the man, His Holiness Pius XII.

A nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize – in 1947 – would not have been possible if a small stain of His Holiness Pius XII towards the Jews had been detected. A preliminary investigation was steered by those who suffered the Holocaust, directly or indirectly. There was not a single voice against the nomination of His Holiness Pius XII by Jews or by the western chancelleries. Because, dear Jews brother, do you forget this detail?

Partisans and Jews partisans must answer

Dear Jewish brother, the accusations against His Holiness Pius XII are dirty. The accusations come from pulpits dirtier than the accusations themselves. The facts shout; not only the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Be careful.

Three months before the deportation of the Roman Jews, two months before September 8, 1943, twenty days before the fall of fascism, “The American Jewish” of July 2, 1943, wrote: “Seven hundred Italian Jews are refugees in the Vatican”. His Holiness Pius XII, as usual, did not issue a press release (what a disappointment!).

The news also appeared on the German Nazi newspaper “Stürmer’s Kick”, owned by Julius Stürmer, a protégé of Hitler, hanged at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity, October 16, 1945. The German Nazis knew therefore in detail what happened in the basilicas, monasteries, abbeys and wherever it was possible to hide Jews in holy places; thousands of people.

The German Nazis also learned of two thousand French Jewish children who were denied visas by the British government. The children were in fact deported and gassed. Yet in 1943, the Allied urged His Holiness Pope Pius XII to speak out against the German Nazis. Why this double game?

What did the Allies do when His Holiness Pius XII warned Marshal Pétain not to deport the Jews? It was 1941, two years earlier. What did the Allies do? NOTHING. Did they sabotage the railways? NO. Did they bomb the building death camps? NO.

Much more courageous were the soldiers of the Palatine Guard, missioned to “serve His Holiness”, practically unarmed, if not for the old Remington musket.

It was spring of 1944, shortly after the massacre of the Fosse Ardeatine. Major Herbert Kappler attempted to break into San Giovanni in Laterano, the Vatican’s extraterritorial basilica in Rome. He wanted to capture Jewish refugees in the basilica. The commander of the Palatine Guard of His Holiness Pius XII, Count Francesco Cantuti-Castelvetri, opposed without hesitation with a handful of the Guard. The Ardeatine butcher reacted with scorn, screaming and mocking the soldiers armed with muskets without a shot in the barrel: “They,” said the butcher, “will not prevent Reich soldiers from fulfilling the orders of the Führer!”

His Holiness Pius XII had in fact ordered the Palatine Guard not have the shot in the barrel, with the exception of the commander, armed with a gun. Count Cantuti-Castelvetri – serving the Holy See from 1926 to 1970 – pointed his Beretta gun at Kappler’s chest, ordering him to stop. The Nazi gave up, struck by the firmness of the Italian military nobleman. Today we can reasonably assume the investigative intentions of the butcher Kappler. The German Nazis – as we have already said – had always known about Jewish refugees in Roman sacred places. If the Vatican had let the refugees be captured in an extra-territorial place, the German Nazis would have had a free hand everywhere in Rome. Count Canuti- Castelvetri answered directly to His Holiness Pius XII. His heroic action therefore responded to the Pope’s will. So he ensured that a raid in the sacred places would not go unnoticed, unlike the deportation of the French children, which took place thanks the horrifying silence of the Allies. The valor of Count Canuti – Castelvetri therefore saved the lives not only of the refugees into San Giovanni in Laterano. He also saved the remaining 5,000 refugees in sacred roman places: men, women and children. What a disappointment! Even the children!

It was spring of 1944. In the meantime, what did the heroic GAP (Partisan Action Groups) of the Soviet Pietro Secchia do for the Jews? NOTHING. What did the Roman Jews of the GAP do? Exactly what they did during the deportation of the Jewish brothers on October 16, 1943: NOTHING.

Indeed, they did something on October 17, the day after the deportation of the Jewish brothers (what a disappointment!). The heroic partisans put many three-headed nails along the Casilina road, to stop the Nazi trucks heading to the southern front. Why didn’t they do the same the day before, on October 16, with the trucks with their Jewish brothers? For what dirty reason did they do nothing? For what dirty reason is this fetid silence still weighing on this omission?

Three kilograms of TNT on rail-track 21 just outside Termini Station would have been enough, they would have been enough to stop the train and assault the platoon that escorted it. They did nothing. Today they accuse His Holiness Pius XII of not having stopped the train.

On October 20, 1943, four days after the deportation of the thousand Roman Jews – I repeat: four days later – a group of partisans attacked “Forte Tiburtino”, a real stronghold. Many of them were killed. If the same forces had attacked “Palazzo Salviati” four days before, they would have had a greater chance of success, to save the Jews locked up in the basements next to the main exit of “Palazzo Salviati”. I have worked in this building for a long time. It is not a stronghold, it is a home. It is accessible at least from three different sides; all sides would have been difficult to defend. Th 16 October night it was manned by a platoon of German Nazi, as evidenced by one who lived nearby, Giorgio Romano, “I have seen” (Gela, 2003). Why did the partisans, among whom were many Jews, not attempt an assault as they did four days later against the stronghold “Forte Tiburtino”? For what dirty reason did they do nothing? For what dirty reason is this fetid silence still weighing on this omission?

Infamous accusations without documents to support

On December 28, 2004, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published an article by Alberto Melloni, professor of Christian history. He “revealed” the existence of a “chilling” document: the order of His Holiness Pius XII not to return Jewish children hospitalized in Catholic institutions.

This accusation, my dear Jewish friend and brother, is once again self-defeating because it confirms the smallness and, forgive me, the filth behind the accusations against the candidate for the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize.

December 28, 2004, the date does not appear random. Three months before, as we have said, was published – through smart and forward-looking initiative of the Prefect of the Vatican Secret Archive, Msgr. Sergio Pagano – “Inter Arma Caritas” and 11 volumes of “Acts of the Holy See during the Second world War”. This publication annoyed those who planned to hit John Paul II while he was seriously ill and close to ending.

In February 2005 the plaque defaming His Holiness Pope Pius XII was posted on the wall of Yad Vashem, thus tainting the memory of the Holocaust. The Italian planner was a personal enemy (soi-disant Jew) of John Paul II.

Some of my illustrious interlocutors probably know that Professor Melloni’s theses have been dismantled piece by piece, through the book “PACELLI RONCALLI I BATTESIMI DELLA SHOA”, published on May 15, 2005 by two formidable researchers and true historians, Andrea Tornelli and Matteo Luigi Napolitano.

Document after document, the two authors have shown what His Holiness Pius XII did to save Jewish children from the gas chambers; what he done to accommodate them and to return them to the recognized families or official institutions, in accordance with the laws in force in the various countries of belonging.

The Vatican was the only state in the world that did so much and so radically, operating throughout the immense theater of war.

Professor Melloni has not responded to this volume and continues to teach the history of Christianity. I cannot summarize two hundred pages of the volume and sixty pages of attached documents. My dear Jewish brother, buy it and study it.

It pains me that my esteemed Jewish interlocutors accredit any unfavorable thesis against His Holiness Pius XII, without documentary justification, by refusing to read documents confirming His enormous efforts. He was the only head of state in Rome during the German Nazi occupation. The Vatican diplomacy was the only one whole engaged to protect Jews and other persecuted by the German Nazis, in the immense backdrop of World War II. Please answer me, dear Jewish brother: what other reason justified the candidacy of His Holiness Pius XII for the Nobel Peace Prize?

The fake is not falsifiable, otherwise it would be true. Those who violate this law are required to wrap the first lie in an even bigger one, and then another; one lie after another, to become an increasingly large matryoshka, powered by increasingly unsustainable lies.

This is why it is no longer possible or sufficient to put Hochhut and his stinking Vicar aside, the core of the liar matryoshka: the stubbornness to remain in false or up to ostracize Jewish authors who refuse to be imprisoned in the Russian doll. How long all these lies can survive? How can you support such defamatory and baseless accusations?

Rescue of Nazi criminals?

Let’s go back to Jewish self-harm. If only they had read the collection published in 2004, as we have already said, from the Vatican Secret Archives, they would have understood that His Holiness Pius XII confined himself to asking clemency for the war criminals, as is necessary, right and appropriate for the Vicarious of Christ on earth.

April 2, 1938. “The Palestine Post” reveals the Vatican’s harsh reproach to the weak Austrian bishops with the Nazis in the plebiscite on the “bloodless” invasion of Austria: “In addition to the difficulties on the Concordat”, signed by the Vatican and Germany by the Nazis, the Jewish newspaper notes that this reproach destroys “Any idea of encouraging, or even indulging, the methods used to conquer Austria.”

A year later, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli – the one who leads the Secretariat of State slapping the Austrian bishops – becomes Pope. He payed all His inheritance (by His very rich father) to save Jews and others persecuted by Nazi Germany.

Were any prelates and priests supporting the Nazi escape? It is possible that the Austrian bishop Alois Hudal stands out. According to the usual undocumented accusers, Hudal rescued numerous Nazis and ” the Vatican helper the bishop”. Hudal was removed from the Vatican and had no access to His Holiness Pius XII long before the war, when he published a pro-Nazi book. Hudal was housed in a separate Roman college away from the Vatican.

In this story an irrefutable fact remains in the foreground: the entire Italian territory was under the control of the Allies. Read what the Jewish monthly SENTINEL of April 1947 writes “Beware! The Nazi Company Live” a long editorial on page 85.

Until the filth of Hochhut, no one dared to accuse His Holiness Pius XII. The blame for some prelate is negligible compared to what the International Red Cross and the government agencies of Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, France and, let us not forget, of Federal Germany did.

The German secret services of western Germany, with the blessings of Washington and London, arose on the ashes of the “Gehlen organization”.

On 22 May 1945, General Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi, head of the secret service of the anti-Soviet espionage, surrendered to the Americans. William Donovan, director of the Office of Special Operation, preceding the CIA, studied 52 Gehlen boxes of documents. The Nazi general, ruthless torturer of Russian population and partisans, was thus recruited as head of the Soviet affairs department of the OSS. The July 12, 1946, Gehlen returned to Western Germany under control of the Allies, to start up the “Gehlen Organization”. This structure was also made up of criminals from the Third Reich. On September 18, 1947 the newly formed CIA toke over Gehlen and his organization. Ten years later, on 1 April 1956, the Gehlen organization came under control of the West Germany. The organization formed the core of the secret service of Federal Germany, the BND. Gehlen was Director up to April 1968. Gerhard Wessel, vice of Gehlen and also with Nazi fame, succeeded him until December 1978.

In this slime, the Odessa network was born, scientifically created to bring the Nazis to South America, providing money, false documents and passports. This slime, after The Vicar and after the death of John Kennedy, originated the charge against Pope Pius XII of aiding the escape of Nazi war criminals.

On the other hand, the STASI has the same smelly roots. The two organizations, BND and STASI, continued to maintain constant contacts until the fall of the Berlin Wall, when STASI agents (hundreds in Italy) passed into the BND without any control of the European Union, let alone Italy.

How complicated the post-war world was can once again be understood through a book. Philip Sands, ebreo, in “Ratline” offers a great historical investigation, with documented non-Vatican sources, with a breathtaking thriller rhythm. The work clarifies the extent to which crimes against humanity develop much lower than state institutions, taking root even in the most intimate depths of people and, as in our case, leading to a discordant chorus of slanders.

You must understand and choose

Was His Holiness Pius XII the nucleus of Catholic collaboration with Nazism? If the answer is “Yes”, the supporters of this thesis must show irrefutable documents. In this case, I suggest avoiding Professor Melloni.

In 1967, Pinchas Lapide, diplomat, Israeli consul in Milan, wrote: «The Catholic Church, under the pontificate of Pius XII, was instrumental in saving at least 700,000, but probably as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death by the Nazi hand. These figures, are small i n comparison to the six million martyrs whose destiny is beyond pf consolation, far outweigh all those saved by all the other churches, religious institutions and rescue organizations put together».

Is Pinchas Lapide less reliable than Professor Melloni? The documents so far known contradict the professor and support Pinchas. Those who have other documents will bring them out without polluting the news. The falsification by a newspaper is unacceptable in a serious debate, the level of which, however, the Jewish side has also tried to raise. In 2008 L’Osservatore Romano (Vatican newspaper) published an interview by Maurizio Fontana to the Italian Jewish historian Paolo Mieli, then director of the daily Corriere della Sera. “History will bring justice to Pius XII” said Paolo Mieli. No one dared to deny him. Silence. The real scandal is this silence in front of the documents and the facts. The scandal is not the silence of His Holiness Pius XII, while he worked concretely for the Jews, in Rome and in the world. He worked while others, first did nothing or were conniving with the Nazis, then slandered His Holiness Pius XII, candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize with the favor of the Jewish World Congress.

The scandal was and remains the silence of those who, after accusing without evidence, are silent and unresponsive, waiting for the next opportunity to resume the slander. This obscure method is unacceptable.

One cannot stain the memory of the “Angelic Shepherd” and accepting the lies of improvised scam artists. Hochhut’s legacy went to the Jewish atheist Saul Alinsky, among whose followers we find Hussein Barack Obama, his godmather Hillary Clinton and the Jew Nazi collaborationist, George Soros. No accent has ever been heard against these enemies of the Jews and the Jewish faith. No accent that is remotely comparable to the poisons against His Holiness Pius XII. Why? A clear and convincing answer is a must. We cannot play with words, people and saints. The drama risks becoming in the grotesque, much more grotesque because it is involuntary. Some, too many appear as judges who condemn what is incomprehensible to them.

Pius XII wasn’t an enemy of Israel

Once again, I urge you, dear Jewish brother, to read and study the documents published by the Vatican back in 2004. There is no single act in support of hostility against Israel. Will these accusations come from documents available from March 2? Okay, let’s wait. Someone, however, explain what documents are available today and were yesterday in order to have been made such allegations. In 1946, the Muslim world was burning. The United Nations approved the partition plan dell’UNSCOP (Special UN Committee on Palestine) for Palestine. Winston Churchill and Antony Eden were the real enemies of the Jews, as the Jews newspapers never failed to point out. The UNSCOP Plan was passed off as a solution to the conflict between Jews and Muslims; conflict erupted during the British mandate on Palestine. The “Palestine” lemma – as we explained in the previous episodes – made no sense. Nonetheless it was used thoughtlessly in the Balfour Declaration. It was a apple poisoned by London’s oil market. Muslims and Jews fell for it.

The plan called for a separation between the two states, one Jewish, another Muslim and Jerusalem under international control. The Arab countries rejected the United Nations plan and the war began in 1948. The cost of oil had its first post-war hike.

On August 3, 1946, the delegates of the “Supreme Arab Committee of Palestine” got audience by Pope Pius XII. Muslims presumed to have support of the Vatican for their positions. The Pope’s voice was clear, His equidistance was unequivocal: «Without a doubt, peace can only be achieved in truth and justice. This presupposes respect for the rights of others, for particular positions and traditions especially in the religious field, and for the precise fulfillment of the duties and obligations to which every family of inhabitants is bound. This is why, after having received numerous appeals and complaints from different parts of the world in recent days and for different reasons, we feel it superfluous to say that we try again to resort to force and violence, wherever it comes from, as we also condemned several times in the past persecutions of fanatic anti-Semitism, unleashed against the Jewish people. We have always maintained this attitude of absolute impartiality in the most varied circumstances, and we intend to conform to it also for the future. But it is clear that this impartiality that imposes our apostolic ministry on us and that puts us above the conflicts that stir human society, cannot mean indifference especially in this difficult moment. And so we assure you that everything that will depend on us and the possibilities that will be offered to us, we will commit it so that justice and peace become a beneficial reality, and create with the effective cooperation of all concerned, an order that guarantees each of the parts currently in conflict, the security of existence and, at the same time, of the physical and moral conditions of life, on which a state of material and cultural well-being together can normally be established».

This was and remained the position of His Holiness Pius XII, before and after the birth of Israel. Should had he been applauding war? Should had he been becoming partisan? He never did, neither before nor after.

Who, legitimately was supporting Israel,  was also expecting the satisfaction of their own expectations from the Vatican and His Holiness Pius XII as quickly as possible. This happened then and it happens today. It is understandable. Unfortunately, Vatican diplomacy doesn’t work that way. His time and his horizons could not have been then and  do not even are today the same horizons of a newborn state, in a hurry to assert itself.

His Holiness Pius XII followed this prudent line and was loyal to all parties involved. After the abdication of S.S. Benedict XVI was no longer like that, shifting the center of gravity against Israel, But the poisonings that still affect the Angelic Shepherd have not been heard about the new Vatican policy. Why?

Earlier I said that somebody appear as judges who condemn what is incomprehensible to them. The comparison comes to mind also for Jules Isaac and his laudable as well as confused initiatives of dialogue between Jews and Catholics.

Jules Isaac founded the «Amitié Judeo-chrétienne de France» (Judeo-Christian Friendship of France). Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the nuncio in Paris, didn’t transmit exciting references to the Vatican about Isaac. Nevertheless he was received by His Holiness Pius XII, to whom he described his project for dialogue. His Holiness Pius XII did no following.

A few days ago, La Croix (French Catholic weekly) and L’Osservatore Romano recalled the 60th anniversary of Jules Isaac’s meeting with Saint John XXIII at the Vatican. According to La Croix, this meeting led to a reconciliation between Judaism and Catholicism, which would have ended precisely with the current pontificate.

This political (and not only political) stupid nonsense is sufficient to demonstrate, if ever necessary, how far-sighted His Holiness Pius XII was.

Isaac was deeply attached to Claude Peguy, to whom he dedicated his autobiography, “Expériences de ma vie” (Paris 1959). The two were connected by a desire to demonstrate the profound linking between Israel and the Catholic Church. Isaac and Peguy were close to Giorgio La Pira, whose positions were light years far from those of the Pope.

After all, Giorgio La Pira was not a friend even to the newborn state of Israel. The relations of La Pira, in the Christian Democracy party, swirled between Florence and Bologna. That was the “Christian Democracy” that generated Ciriaco De Mita and Romano Prodi. That was and still is in the Italian left-wing the core of the hostiles yesterday against Aldo Moro and always against Israel. They are responsible for the decline of Italy, moral and economic. His Holiness Pius XII was far-sighted.

If I wanted to be mischievous, I would say to the Jews who welcomed the celebration of Jules Isaac on “L’Osservatore Romano”: “You did not appreciate His Holiness Pius XII, now enjoy Bergoglio and his friendship with the PLO “.

Isaac and Peguy were certainly in good faith and full of good intentions. The political realism is nevertheless indispensable. The current decline of the Judeo-Christian civilization has also been caused by useful idiots, not just by the wicked. Without forgetting that the grotesque is always lurking. Here is an example.

Perfidious Jews? No, recognition of their Faith

By a curious coincidence, in these hours an unknown has introduced three further invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of which “Conforto dei Migranti” (Comfort of Migrants) is rendered in Latin with a reckless “Solacium migrantium”. We are sure that there is no blasphemous intention in this prayer. “Solacium” in medieval Latin means “consolation”. However, the zealous prelate would have done well taking into account the meaning of “Solacium” (have fun) introduced since 1700, full of obscenity. Mary Most Holy will understand good intentions – to pave hellish itineraries, however – and will even smile of reckless ones. We have to think that it would have been enough to consult an etymological dictionary to avoid the ridiculous.

For a similar path, however reversed in time, a vociferous misunderstanding was triggered on “Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis “, as part of the liturgy of Good Friday for about 14 centuries. This phrase isn’t in the Latin Mass, as has been said by some ignorant. They do not even know that Holy Mass is not celebrated on Good Friday.

Fourteen centuries ago “perfidis” did not translate “perfidious”, as then happened in the vulgar Latin. “Perfidis” derives from “per” and ” fidem “, that is referring to those who remain in their own faith, not Catholic. The controversy, heated and made at the expense of His Holiness Pius XII and even HH Benedict XVI, is etymologically ramshackle. How many are complaining does not consider its value. This prayer is an explicit and very ancient recognition of the Jewish faith. The Catholic liturgy granted this privilege only to the Jewish faith. I would suggest that you study a little more and stay within the confines of common sense. His Holiness Pius XII is a giant of faith and doctrine. He spoke and wrote correctly and without falsification half a dozen languages, including Hebrew. He also spoke and wrote in Latin, including archaic.


The (now no longer hidden) roots of hatred

The patient reader can now understand how many inconsistencies and how deeply rooted in the time are poisoning any discussion around His Holiness Pius XII.

Truth and falsehood, right and evil are interwired. We must look forward, without forgetting the past, to understand what is happening.

Robert James Woolsey, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), wrote the preface to Ronald Rychlak ‘s book, “Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism ” (2013).

The book reveals the Soviet plot against His Holiness Pius XII. Woosley writes: «This remarkable book will change the way you look at intelligence, foreign affairs, the press, and much else besides. Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking defector we have ever had from a hostile intelligence service. As chief of Romanian intelligence he was for many years in the key meetings with heads of state and a participant in some of the most sensitive discussions by our enemies during the Cold War».

Maybe I’m distracted, but I haven’t felt any shock. On the other hand, Woolsey was director of the CIA with Bill Clinton, while they told us the tale about the ugly and bad Serbs, while Croats, Slovenians and over all Bosnian Muslims were poor and victims.

Today Woolsey is a member of the “Advisory Board strategy of Genie Energy”, along with Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild. Genie Energy has discovered a huge oil field under Sirian Golan Heights. Woolsey could therefore tell us a lot about the current mess in Syria. We omit. Let’s go to the substance of Pacepa’s revelations, on the Soviet level.

Pius XII was discredited with “The Vicar”, represented and financed for years in the Erwing Piscator’s theater of Broadway: «Before becoming president of the IATB ( International Workers’ Theater Association, founded in Moscow in 1930 with Bertold Brecht, Editor’s note ). Piscator had been recruited as an influence agent by the Soviet foreign intelligence service.” The CIA had therefore known this since at least 1978. Why did the CIA let His holiness Pius XII was slandered until 2013?

Pacepa reveals another important operation of the Soviet services: “The protocols of the elders of Zion”. The book was written in Moscow and spread everywhere: the hate factory between Catholics and Jews. The book is therefore a fake. However, we must reflect on the implementation of the objectives contained in the book: they are being achieved one after the other. Is there anyone who carries out a project and discharges responsibility on Jews, fueling hatred with Catholics?

After the assassination of John Kennedy, the conspiracy has its front row seat in the history’s theater. We must be vigilant, clinging to the truth and free from conformism, to ask ourselves what is the current effect of so much hatred, fueled on both fronts.


Let’s get out of the trap trying to understand.

It was November 1936, when Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, secretary of state, visited the United States. He spent several weeks, covering 8000 km. After a meeting in the Hyde Park home of newly elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he was escorted by Joseph Kennedy to the clan house in Bronxville. The Catholic Kennedy family was the rising star of American politics. John Kennedy, after the mandate of Dwight Eisenhower, entered the White House, defeating Richard Nixon.

President Eisenhower took his leave with these words: «In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together».

Pope Pacelli was crowned March 12, 1939. Joseph Kennedy and his son John were present, sent by President Roosevelt.

There was a perfect identity of views between Pacelli and Kennedy on the parallel danger of Nazism and Communism. “The Vicar” was published a few weeks before November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated.

Hochhut was a conspiracy puppet; this is now certain. A Soviet-only conspiracy? Too many coincidences say otherwise.

Kennedy had against the monetarists and the cartels of steel, oil and raw mterials. Those are the legitimate father of today’s circles of Bushes, Clinton and Obama, ready to put the world in the hands of the criminal regime of China.

A Catholic president of the United States, whose religious and political reference was His Holiness Pius XII, was a fearful for Moscow as well as for the cartels.

The Second Vatican Council was proclaimed in 1962. The Soviet Union could not let the teachings of His Holiness Pius XII could influence the Counsil, coming to a condemnation of communism. The cartels could not allow the Church’s social doctrine to become the beacon of workers and entrepreneurs. The Cartels have always preferred the crises and wars, controlling the contenders and the useful idiots, to raise the lists prices.

For both the Soviet Union and the Cartels, the effective defense of the Faith, what its enemies call contempt, “traditional”, was and is a disaster.

The transversal interests were settled. The cross-cutting interests today are no longer settled with Moscow (Vladimir Putin, defender of Christianity!) but with Beijing. The European vehicle is once again the Reich, this time the IV Reich, Lutheran Europe always infected with Nazism.

We must all understand that His Holiness Pius XII lived in a world, complicated not only by war but also by the transversalities, difficult to detect in those days; today’s transversalities is increasingly evident. His Holiness Pius XII is still a real enemy for those who find his singularity unbearable, as head of state (a state of 45 hectares) of being a pastor not only of Catholics but of all the tormented world in which he lived.

What to do

The slander has clung to the archives. Well, the Vatican ones are open. However, they are not enough.

I politely ask the following questions to my Jewish brothers, trusting they will answer.

1) Why don’t we ask to read the Soviet archives and the International Red Cross one?

2) Why do we not comment “La France terre de refuge et de désobéissance civil 1936-1944”, editions Du Cerf, 2005, three volumes of the Israeli Jewish scholar (born in Haifa, professor in France) Limore Yagil, who explored several of French ecclesiastical archives?

3) Why don’t we mention “The Pius War: Responses to the Critics of Pius XII” by two authoritative Jews, Joseph Bottum and David G. Dalin (2010)?

4) Why are we forgetting the archives of the Roman church of San Salvatore in Onda regarding the “Raphaelsverein” organization for expatring?

5) Why, accusing Hudal, his cards of the Santa Maria Soul archives in Rome are still unknown?

6) Why do we not open the Jews folders of the Swiss Confederation, Swedish, Spanish, of Uruguay and of Brazil?

7) Why haven’t all the cards captured in the III Reich by the winning forces been published?

The answers to these questions are important. It is equally important to note that neither Donald Trump nor Vladimir Putin have any interest in keeping the secrets of their respective archives of this issue. Neither was or is involved. They can open the archives, to discover the origin of the separation between the West and Russia. This is useful also to find out the origin of the current Lutheran hegemony (and Nazi), never died after the 1945, re-erupted after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Let us remember: Germany today relies on China to make Hitler’s dream come true. We must discover this sewer of history; This would do good to all: to Putin, to Trump, to Catholics and Jews, to believers and to the whole world. It will not be appreciated by professional defamers, but this does not break our hearts.

(10-to be continued)





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