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 Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Professor Francesco Agnoli has sent us a reflection that we fully agree with regarding the frenzied attack which has been launched by some great financial and ideological potentates (Soros, the American Deep State, Zuckerberg, Gates, etc.) with the help of the American Democratic Party, the European Left, big finance, the New World Order and controlled mass media, who are all united against Donald Trump. It is astonishing that the highest levels of the Catholic Church, for ideological reasons, after having supported Hillary the Bloodthirsty and Barack Obama in their battle (which fortunately they lost), now does not want to acknowledge that the current President of the United States has completed four years without new wars and is attempting to better manage the disasters wrought by the previous administrations (The devastation of Syria and the Middle East are the responsibility of the “pacifist” Democrats). It astonishes…but unfortunately, it does not surprise us. It is a Church that has forgotten the battle that it conducted practically all by itself against two invasions of Iraq that were both based on lies. Yes, but back then there was actually a pope, John Paul II…Happy reading.


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, has taken a stand in support of Donald Trump, who is under siege in his own country just a few months before the Presidential election.

Let’s try to understand the reason for this public statement, and take a look at what is happening in the heart of the Empire.

The year is 1991: George Bush, Sr., Republican President, unleashes the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein. As he does so, he speaks of a “New World Order” that is being delineated. What does this Order consist of? In the possibility that the United States, after the fall of communism, would become the only world power and succeed in “uniting” the world under its own leadership. We must remember that the dream of Masonry, a creation of Protestant and Anglo-Saxon culture, is the so-called “World Government,” a more serious version of the grotesque scream of the characters in an old cartoon: “The world is mine!”

The Catholic Church was almost the only voice that opposed the First Gulf War – which would be followed by a Second Gulf War desired by another Republican, George “W” Bush, Junior. Already on January 23, 1991, L’Osservatore Romano declared that the first four days of the war had claimed 100,000 victims, of whom 30,000 were civilians. In truth, there were also some other conservative Republicans who were aware of the risks of such an intervention and denounced it: it would destabilize the Middle East, it would cause Islamic terrorism to explode.

But leading the dances, in addition to Bush, Sr. first and then Bush, Jr., there are the neo-cons: former Democrats who remain on the left on ethical questions but who are deeply to the right regarding American “nationalism.” They dream of a “new American century” which after 1989 seemed to be within reach: later, with the rebirth of Russia and the rise of a multi-polar world, they began to list all the enemies to be taken out by force of arms (Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea, China…) and the colored revolutions.

As we now know, the Gulf Wars did not obtain their objective, quite the contrary!

The United States revealed its military weakness, its incapacity to truly dominate and control a country that is among the first in the world for the production of oil. The Americans got bogged down, and the immense resources invested in the conflict, as well as the huge effort that was made unnecessarily, all generated a result that was the opposite of what was hoped for: after the two wars the “New World Order” was further away. The United States, with its faithful ally Great Britain, emerged from these two wars weakened and above all, delegitimized before the world. They are no longer seen as the great respected conquerors of Nazism, the defending wall against communism. Instead they are seen more and more by millions of Asians and Europeans as the new “Imperialists.”

This is all the more so since it now appears, just as a 2006 investigation by the US Senate discovered, that the supposed relationship between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda that was used to justify the Gulf War in fact never existed. Just like the chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction that were denounced both in 1991 and 2003 (in this case by the US Secretary of State, the African-American Colin Powell) as well as by Obama in 2015  in an attempt to justify an extremely dangerous intervention in Syria (averted, as you recall, by the intervention of Russia).

And so we come to the 2016 Presidential elections: the battle seems like it was once again between Democrats and Republicans, that is, between two sides of the same coin with very little difference. But then the unexpected happen: first Donald Trump scaled the Republican Party despite its continuous internal turmoil, and then he defeated Hillary Clinton, the spearhead of the globalist dream.

Perhaps you recall where the Bushes lined up in 2016: against Trump, publicly declaring their support for Clinton. Colin Powell did the same, as well as various other leaders of the Republican party. In reality they did not believe that Trump could win, and so their assault then against the homo novus was much more moderate than what is happening today. The entire Democratic party united along with all of the big names of the Republican Party (the Bushes, Mitt Romney, Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio…) in the front row against the Donald.

Trump, to jump to the conclusion, has many faults in the eyes of the so-called Deep State, both Democrat and Republican. First of all he has put an end to the infinite wars, to the battle against the axis of Evil initiated by Bush, Jr. Does anyone remember the black list of enemy countries that was publicly compiled by Bush 43? And the climate of continual conflict created by this approach? The countless terrorist attacks that certainly originated in Islamic extremism but that were also encouraged at any rate by senseless American interventionism?

Perhaps we have forgotten everything, because since Trump has been in the White House, the conflict with the Islamic world has been half-dead: ISIS has been almost eradicated, the old fronts have been closed, the American deployments on foreign soil have been withdrawn or reduced. Trump is the President who has put an end to the United States’ endless wars (remember Bush’s “Infinite Justice” plan?): he remains an American with a certain patriotism that is a bit nationalistic that bothers us Europeans, but he has understood that the dream of a world dominated by the United States is no longer pursuable, and in any case it cannot be generated by wars. Donald prefers to seek to maintain economic primacy by means of customs and economic wars but without millions of deaths anymore.

This anti-globalist and anti-interventionist vision of Trump is, for the promoters of the New World Order, completely wrong! Just as it took the House of Savoy in Piedmont to unite Italy [in the 19th century] so the Masonic dream to unite the world is served by the United Stated and England (which, alas, are no longer aligned as they were at the time of the warmonger Tony Blair).

Trump therefore must be defeated, in order to reopen American military expansionism, in order to settle the score with Putin’s Russia, which Bush 41 had definitively dismissed but which instead has returned to be a superpower, at least from a geopolitical point of view.

For four years, since they were unable to make any true accusations against Trump, the Democrats and part of the Republican party (for example Senator John McCain, who challenged Obama for the White House in 2008) besieged the tycoon by falsely accusing him of having had support from Russia.

Now that that accusation failed, another one had to be brought out, and so despite the fact that there have been numerous African-Americans killed by the police under past Presidents, including under Obama, the atrocious and terrible death of George Floyd in a city and state that are solidly Democratic has now become Trump’s fault!

Meanwhile, nobody cares, for example, about the thousands of victims every month in Libya, a country that was destabilized and devastated in 2011 with the consent and support of Obama and Clinton.

What is the state of affairs? That the “New World Order” that we started from has, in this moment, for many reasons, become completely distant. There are many external obstacles (China and Russia, for example, are not so easily dominated), but the problem is first of all an internal one: Trump and Boris Johnson are involved in other matters. We need to eliminate them, especially the former, in order to restart the interrupted process!

I would like to add another aspect: in the past the Republicans have often presented themselves as alternatives to the ethical nihilism of the Democrats, but more for the sake of winning votes than anything else. Past Republican administrations have implemented very few pro-life measures, and those they did implement did not have much impact.

Bush, Jr., to give just one example, had Dick Cheney as his Secretary of State, who is in all respects comparable to the radical Italian leftists in his worldview.

By contrast, Trump is the first President who has not limited himself to just making pro-life statements: not only has he publicly exposed himself much more on this issue (he is the first President to participate in the National March for Life), he has also appointed pro-life judges and waged a fierce battle against the multi-national abortion interest of Planned Parenthood, etc.

We have thus had a President who, while obviously not without his defects, has however chosen to be pro-life in all senses. Four years of a Presidency without a real war is a novelty that perhaps someone ought to take notice of, perhaps even in the Catholic world.

Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino @pellegrino2020





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