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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, General Laporta begins today to deal with an issue that has been the subject of controversy (in my humble opinion very instrumentalized) in past decades: the role of Pope Eugenio Pacelli, Pius XII, in the face of the German occupation of Rome and the tragedy of 16th October. Good reading, and good discussion.


Having examined the potentialities [read here] and the obstacles [read here] of the relations between Jews and Catholics, we go into another minefield, far more insidious than the previous one: H.H. Pius XII and the Jews.

This dispute is only political, although Pope Pius XII is one of the greatest popes of the modern era. For now I don’t want to explain why the issue is only political. The neutral examination of the argument needs to get out of the logic “we Catholics, you Jews”. The good will men, their thirst for truth are the bedrock. They are our real interlocutors, since we aware of the arrogance of the remainders to distort and hide the facts, to yoke them to unspeakable, partisan interests. Against this violence we are everyone committed, without separations.

When this examination will be complete, the deception will be evident, drived by many, too many, no matter whether so-called Catholics or Jews.

The thesis of this paper is two-fold: 1) none of the accusers exhibits documentary and testimonial evidence that Pope Pius XII did not do everything possible to help the Jews persecuted by the Germans; 2) the accusations are deceptive and devoid of substantial facts.

The issue must therefore be examined twice: about the method and about the merit, that is the evidence of accusations.

The examination of the method verifies the fairness with which the accusations against Pope Pius XII are raised and developed. We will therefore proceed firstly without entering – for now – into the evidence of the accusations, which will be examined in the next episode, evaluating the content of the documents already known, their comparison, their reliability.

First distortion of the method of accusation. The accusations against Pope Pius XII are based on a theatre opera of such Rolf Hochhuth, demanding the accused prove his own innocence. Such a system is even repelled by a decent police state. This system reminds the “processes” that Cheka, KGB’s mother, used to officiate within the underground of the Kremlin: “Comrade, you are accused of being a reactionary, a traitor to the Party! What do you have to say in your defense?” Invariably a shot to the head concluded the trial. Instead of a revolver shot, we had 70 years of slanderous and baseless accusations.

Second distortion of the method of accusation. None of the accusers of H.H. Pius XII counters the documented and testimonial evidence connecting Hochhuth to the secret services of the Soviet Union.

Third distortion of the method of accusation. Who were the protagonists of the tragedy? To understand, about Aldo Moro’s killing[1] for decades the official reports passed off as everything due to some shabby terrorists, the statesman Aldo Moro and his escort men. Today we know that it is not so. We don’t know how it went in detail, but certainly the official tale is bogus.

With perfect analogy, the tragedy of 16 October 1943 is limited to H.H. Pius XII and the 1,110 Jews deported from Lungara Street in Rome. Even the Germans become supporting actors in this narrative, as we shall see. The malice of such a way stands out thanks to a quick glance at the world over WW2.

Pope Pacelli became Vicar of Christ on March 2, 1939, died on October 9, 1958. Previously he was Secretary of State from February 9, 1930. He was therefore invested by WW2, by his background and following.

Hitler raised up thanks to the humiliations of the Versailles peace treaty and the Great Depression of 1929. International and domestic trade, incomes, prices, tax revenues and profits collapsed. Unemployment and poverty grew everywhere. The many analogies with the current days are curious. The Pound, then the reference currency, was dominant, as today the Mark disguising as Euro.

When the banks withdrew eighteen thousand million dollars, canceling the credit lines and demanding their return, the bankruptcies followed and the Great Depression broke out. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 prevented the US government from issuing credit or legal tender money. The monetary sovereignty of the Federal Reserve Corporation was owned by Rockefeller, Morgan and Rothschild – and it prevailed thanks to the financial mechanism devised by Paul Warburg, a Jew with roots in Germany and Italy.

About that situation could we say that “some Jews” were responsible for countless economic tragedies? Yes of course.

About that situation could we say that “all Jews” were responsible for countless economic tragedies? Absolutely not.

Propaganda – let’s never forget it – makes no difference, yesterday as today, between “some” and “all”. On the other hand, the German circles of nobles and landowners – damaged by Versailles, by the Great Depression and pressured by the communist seditions – were longtime anti-Semitic. They pushed Hitler to the top of the German state on January 30, 1933, legitimately appointing him as chancellor.

Hitler’s Germany got beyond the unemployment thanks to the war industry. So did Stalin in Russia. The convergence between two opposite worlds was revealed with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 23 August 1939. An ephemeral peace, considering Hitler’s hide intentions and Moscow’s repeated attempts to spread into Germany. In 1920 the German Communist leaders were all gathered in the rear of the western front Red Army, preparing to invade Germany following riots unleashed by German activists. The attempt failed; it was repeated in 1923, when Lev Trotsky asked to direct operations. Stalin preferred him instead Iosef Unshlikht, at that moment number two of the Cheka, the secret police.

The plan to overthrow Germany failed again due to the dissidence of Arkadi Maslow and Ruth Fischer group, to which also belonged Werner Scholem, a member of the Reichstag. They were all Jews, as was Lev Trotsky and many prominent leaders in the European and Soviet communist parties. As long as they were loyal to Stalin, everything was fine, if they disagreed they became “the usual Jews”. Scholem and many other communist Jews after Hitler’s rise in 1933 were deported to Buchenwald in 1938. The 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact did not mark any change in the fate of the unfortunate Jews.

In the same period, one of the topics most exploited by anti-communist propaganda was the widespread presence of Jews at the top of socialist formations, in the Soviet Union, in Europe and in the United States.

About that situation could we say that “numerous Jews” were subversive communists? Yes of course.

About that situation could we say that “all Jews” were subversive communists? Absolutely not.

Propaganda – let’s never forget it – does not, however, differentiate between “numerous” and “all”.

In other words, anti-Semitism burned more violently than ever before, during and after the Second World War. The deportation of the Roman Jews, on October 16, 1943, was therefore not a matter limited to relations between the Vatican and Jews, as more than one led to believe.

Divine Providence projected Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, the first secretary of state and immediately after the pontiff, into this worm farm. The mischievous reader at this point asks: “And Italy, was there anti-Semitism in Italy?” Of course, as everywhere, in Europe, in the Soviet Union, in the United States and … in France. Nobody remembers, not to mention the Italian Jews of today, what French anti-Semitism was – and still is, together the Nazi Lutheran.

This is the world in which Divine Providence projected H.H. Pius XII, angelic pastor. A world, as we understand, far more vast and complicated than the underground of Palazzo Salviati in via della Lungara and the adjacent Vatican City.

For now, let’s leave open a couple of questions : «Was H.H. Pius XII anti-Semitic, like so many illustrious personalities of every political tendency, in the European anti-Semitic worm farm? Did H.H. Pius XII gain economic benefits thanks to the deportation of the prisoners from Lungara street?» Let’s postpone the answers for now.

Fourth distortion of the method of accusation. The uncritical assimilation of a theatre opera, asseverating it as a historical document, does not stop its effects after its first playing on the Broadway theatrical scenes, during ‘60s, financed by a KGB agent, a Jew in turn. The false asseveration of the theatrical narrative is working till the current days. To understand where this distortion is, let’s limit ourselves to what one of the Italian newspapers writes.

Valeria Gandus, Jewish, on Il Fatto Quotidiano of 22 February 2016: “The Vicar, the play by Hochhuth tells about the relationship between the Church and Nazism”.

The Gandus cites Hochhuth, his key character, father Fountain, a Jesuit, saying: “Doing nothing is no less tragic of collaborating”. Fontana, reports Gandus:«bears witness to the Pope from the insider Kurt Gerstein, shocked by discovering the use in the lagers of Zyklon B, the chemical that was supposed to free the fields from parasites and that was instead used to gas the Jews. Gerstein died in Paris, in 1945, in the prison where he had been locked up on charges of complicity in Nazi violence.»

Mrs. Gandus (Hochhuth before her) overlooks a small detail: Gerstein not only informed the Vatican. He also informed Sweden, Switzerland and the Dutch government in exile. In other words, it is impossible that such information escaped the British, US and Soviet services. Perhaps our research is flawed, however we do not know about bombings, not even one, on the extermination camps under construction nor on the railways that led to those camps. Of course, yes, it would have been appropriate to provide with the Vatican’s fighter-bombers or by an attack of the 151 Swiss Guards.

Okay, let’s fly over these minutiae. However, there are many more; let’s just mention a couple more. “Serious information” credits Rolf Hochhuth as a prophet of the truth about the Holocaust, without any further investigation. It is surprising that Mrs. Gandus, a Jew, ignores that this mediocre playwright is a negationist – you understand correctly, a Holocaust denier – and was also convicted of defamation, for another theatrical masterpiece, centered on the fall at take-off, in 1943 from Gibraltar, of an English plane carrying Władysław Sikorski, commander of the Polish army and prime minister of the Polish government in exile, resulting in his death. The Holocaust denier Hochhuth accused Winston Churchill of having Sikorski assassinated. Too bad that the Liberator’s pilot survived and confirmed the official version of the accident, with consequent condemnation and generous compensation for defamation. It is singular that the best of Jewish intellectuals – Mrs. Gandus, Gad Lerner, Moni Ovadia, rav Riccardo Di Segni and many other Italian and especially Roman Jews – ignore these facts.

There are also documents certifying that H.H. Pius XII was urged by the US State Department to protest against the Nazi atrocities, having already done so in the Christmas message of 1942 and, in 1941, against the deportations of French Jews by Philippe Pétain. No positive effect ensued to the words of H.H. Pius XII. He therefore declined the insidious proposal of the State Department while he was already actively engaged in helping Jews. Indeed, the persecution of the Catholic clergy – not Lutheran, Catholic – in Holland and elsewhere had intensified, without ethical and moral limits to restrain the German criminals.

Let’s repeat it, in 1941 H.H. Pius XII intervened directly on the French government of Vichy which deported Jews with more acute zeal than the Teutonic one. Marshal Philippe Pétain was deaf and, once again, there was no bombings or attacks on the fields and on the essential French railways. Yes, the valiant Swiss Vatican Guard should have intervened.

Fifth distortion of the method of accusation. Again Hochhuth, but it is indispensable. Founding an infamous accusation not on historical documents but apodictically asserting the reliability of the play The Vicar, written by a hired and defamatory scoundrel, puts the accusers in a dead end. The fake is not falsifiable otherwise it would be true. The falsity of this way of proceeding shines in a reverberant aspect up to the current days. While Hochhuth perfidiously points at H.H. Pius XII, “Doing nothing is no less mournful than collaborating”, pass off the German hierarchs as suffering victims, obliged to obey, they, poor people, to orders of Hitler. In short, it is necessary to understand them; they after all were reluctantly obeying to the orders of the only responsible, the late lamented Hitler. The smelly curtain of “obedience”, as we know, was swept away in Nuremberg. It does not escape anyone, however, that Hochhuth’s Nazi justification and Shoa denial reflect the misery of his purposes and of those endorsing him till nowadays.

Sixth distortion of the method of accusation. Access to Vatican documents prior to 1940 is required. Okay. It is a mountain of documents, finally cataloged, orderly and accessible. It will be curious to see if Jewish scholars will be as numerous as those who have viewed the twelve volumes already published for decades. We are equally curious about the documents attesting the behavior of the Resistance in Rome and the participation of the Jews in it. We would like to stop here, but not before asking a question to which we would like to be answered, first of all by the chief rabbi of Rome, rav Riccardo Di Segni: «Why, H.H. Pius XII, responsible of forty million Italian Catholics, as well as of hundreds and hundreds of millions of Catholics in German war theaters, why had, H.H. Pius XII of revered memory  (as he really did) to safeguard of 9 thousand Roman Jews and millions of Jews in the world?»

In the next article we will enter into the merits of documents and falsifications spent to defame a giant of the Church, H.H. Pius XII, of revered memory. (9-to be continued)


[1] Aldo Moro (Italian: [23 September 1916 – 9 May 1978) was an Italian statesman and a prominent member of the Christian Democracy party. He served as 38th Prime Minister of Italy, from 1963 to 1968, and then from 1974 to 1976. He was one of Italy’s longest-serving post-war Prime Ministers, holding power for a combined total of more than six years. He was kidnapped on 16 March 1978 by the Red Brigades and killed after 55 days of captivity.

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