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Dear Stilumcuriali , General Piero Laporta has sent us one of the conclusive reflections of his series, centered on the term revolution and on the unscrupulous use that is being made from all sides, and, substantially, out of turn … A provocative contribution as usual . Enjoy the reading.


Let I anticipate one of the final chapters of this series, annoyed and deafened by the supporters of the “revolution” on the opposite sides.

Bergoglio is credited as “revolutionary” by L’Espresso[1] and the Roman Ossequiatore[2]. Mass of pensioners – triglycerides and cholesterol out of control – to turn the world upside down, queue up with a general of the Carabinieri[3], albeit he is scrapped by masonry and mocked by Euterpe[4].

Effeminate dandies rejoice in the revolution underway since Giuseppi[5] ascended the throne. I would like to agree with the latter, at least judging by the manure spread over the most beautiful Constitution in the world. On the other hand, the outrage to the Charter began through the maîtresses à penser and the nymphaeums of Francesco Cossiga, half a century ago. The revolution took on fifty shades of red boudoir, spitting on thousands of killed dead, Aldo Moro[6] included. Do you immerse the revolutionary sieve in this slurry? You withdraw it, vomit remains, some vignette by Vauro[7] and the pathetic letter of Stefano Andreotti[8] to Corriere della Sera[9] to defend his indefensible father, forgetting the shame of Ciro Cirillo[10]. So many conclude: “Revolution is impossible in Italy” Why? “We are not like the French.” What does France have to do? Come on, let to think on Mario Moretti[11], for example, unless he is behind you, he his ridiculous with the gun – his pistol stucked during Via Fani’s massacre![12]. Well, Moretti sings the Marseillaise[13] far better than Avanti Popolo alla Riscossa[14]. Nowadays “riscossa” (to get revenge) turn out to “riscossione” (cash in), preferred by Nicolino Zingaretti[15]. In conclusion an uninterrupted and tragicomic comedy, impossible to turn into serious revolution? Let’s change perspective. Giuseppi’s pink cicisbeos are psalmodying on TV: “We will do, we will give, we will assure …” an incessant flatulence in the near future, an unequivocal stench of a solid rubbish coming out imminently. In short, not even the “femminielli”[16] make the revolution. We give up? I remembered some time ago: “Revolution is impossible until it is inevitable”, assures one who knows it, Leone Trotsky, killed by Stalin for the power struggle that mark the history of all revolutions.


First lesson. Nobody deceives themselves: everything changes from one moment to the next. Today we are not in the comforting conditions of Tomasi di Lampedusa[17], when the canvas was woven with the same thread between Palermo, Turin and London. Later Washington, Moscow, Berlin and Wuhan, pardon Beijing, joined. They are too many to live together too long; so there is a huge difference with the world government. Second lesson. Stalin and Trotsky, serious people, were making war; so let we imagine what happen in our and international femminielli’s quarters, as we can understand.

Who cannot make the revolution in Italy? The generals, for example. Let’s spare ourselves unnecessary analysis. It’s enough the Claudio Graziano’s photo[18], bent to seek his dignity between the feet of Jean Claude Juncker, in whose left hand there is a mug of whiskey but impossible to see.

And the politicians? Who, Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni? The first does not explain why he did not oppose the Italy-China agreement, not foreseen by the government contract with M5S party. The talkactive Giorgia, undoubtedly more charismatic and prepared, nevertheless has no party, unless we validate Ignazio La Russa, maramaldo of Gaddafi? If they were really the opposition and assumed to have numbers of followers, they would have yet mobilized the squares months ago. Fear of Covid-19 contagion? Come on, on the murmuring Piave the Italian infantrymen feared the Austrian bullets less than Mr. Salvini and Mrs. Meloni the cries of Giuseppi. Sagunto inquires if the Charter is respected while it is infringed by the Constitutional powers live TV.

What other revolutionary forces are wandering around Italy, once dismissed the Red Brigades remote-controlled buffoons? May be Marco Rizzo?[19] He is really a nice person like his rarefied companions. Nevertheless, they are at the most social-democratic collaborationists, inert in front of the oppressive reaction, as Lenin would have said, more than a century ago: «As progressive, capitalism is become reactionary; it has developed the productive forces to such an extent that humanity must either pass to socialism or endure for years, and perhaps for decades, the armed struggle between the “great” powers … ». Let’s go to the operational consequences. How did Lenin & C. act?

Mikhail Frunze, to whom the Soviet Military Academy was dedicated, was twice sentenced to death as terrorist well before the October Revolution. I suggest following this story, keeping in mind the death of Aldo Moro[20], which is recurring while I write.

Thanks also to the support of the German agents, it was not easy to impose two death sentences. Lenin, for founding an armed revolutionary party, was sentenced to three years of deportation, during which he fished, hunted and sermonized on revolution in the sunlight. One of her disciples, Vera Zasulich , killed a governor and was acquitted by a Russian court. The Tsarist judiciary, despite the grim later descriptions, was independent of the state. The court acquitted Zasulich because, killing for political reasons, induced by his conscience, she could not consider himself a criminal. Lesson learned by Francesco Cossiga, Enrico Berlinguer, Giulio Andreotti and Benigno Zaccagnini[21], facing Aldo Moro’s assassins as they desired, a century later (forgotten by them less than two years later to free a statesman of the caliber of Ciro Cirillo[22]). In such Italian climate, Frunze’s two death sentences were commuted to expulsion. During his exile (perhaps in Paris?) he organized a school for terrorists, elaborating the doctrine to propitiate, feed and direct the riots. But wasn’t it just the fascists, the bombers? All this is not repeatable, no. Communism cannot be exhumed from the cemetery of History. The danger of dictatorship is nevertheless constant.


You doubt? Countless mention Eric Arthur Blair, nickname of George Orwell, atheist, radical activist, very sympathetic to Saul Alinsky , satanist and guru of Hillary and Obama.

Orwell, author of “1984”, can be summed up in one sentence: «Let’s play a lost game. Some defeats are better than others, nothing more ». Celebrated prophet by the same bourgeoisie – like Berlinguer, Clinton or Bush – waggling at the Red Brigades or their opposites, if not both. Orwell’s nihilism lives on in the keyboard rebels, in the bourgeoisie, in the small prelates and in the small generals defiled by cowardly obedience. At most, somebody tries to ennoble Orwellian nihilism through the apologue of the boiled frog, making Noam Chomsky say what he has not said. On the other hand, reasoned, improvised positivists: what Galilean experiment ensures that the frog remains in the pot to boil to justify your cowardice in progress? And why should the poor desperate people not resort to extreme violence when the water warms up beyond the bearable? Orwell, the boiled frog, like Marx, Voltaire, Machiavelli yesterday … devices unwell studied by the usual bourgeoisie.

What happened to the present day was well before and far better witnessed by a Catholic martyr, St. Thomas Moore, in his “Utopia”, published in 1516, explaining how easy it is to create a mass society, subjected to universal justice. Utopia lacks the technological echoes of Orwell, of course, there is no Big Brother, putative father of Rocchina Casalino[23]. Nonetheless, St. Thomas Moore describes what is happening today: “Everyone is keeping an eye on you”, pointing to the uniqueness of the fate of Utopia; capillary isolation and control of the population, through an oligarchic bureaucracy. Utopia, once a peninsula, is separated from the rest of the world by digging a canal, with the collaboration of the people (with face masks?). People don’t have their money, their free will. Utopia avails itself of slaves. Utopia is pacifist; he goes to war only to free other peoples (today we would say to “export democracy”), to give them an equally just regime, to govern them in the name of “Humanism”. St. Thomas Moore does not explain what “humanism” is. On the other hand, it is superfluous. Roland Barthes assures : ” History credits the real with a state of speech “. In other words, you have crap in mind, you give it a nice name and it passes without difficulties. Humanism? Bergoglio could explain it to us. On September 12, 2019, just over a month before Covid-19, His Holiness advocated:«A global educational pact that educates us to universal solidarity, to a new humanism», applying for honorary citizenship of Utopia together with Francesco Cossiga, Enrico Berlinguer, Giulio Andreotti and Benigno Zaccagnini, with Mario Monti[24] and Xi JinPing , to Romano Prodi[25] and Giuseppa Conte, Emmanuel Macron , Hillary and Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, Hussein Barak Obama, with Bush and Lenin family, with Hitler, Beria and Stalin , with Pinochet and the Colombian cartels and with Matteo Messina Denaro[26] … and who knows how many others in Italy, in Europe and in the world.

Utopia causes conflicts and contradictions in countries that have not yet been freed. Those who favor Utopia deserve rewards. Anyone who contrasts Utopia is awaited by slavery and death; its properties confiscated and distributed to collaborators. Utopia agents spread suspicion in the enemy country. Nobody trusts anyone anymore, social distances increase, society fragments, without recognized guides; nevertheless it is more governable than ever. When the battle is at its peak, the chosen troops (today the «(un)reliable information») have the mission to bring down the enemy general at any cost, hammering him with always fresh forces (like the alternations of the directors of a newspaper, of certain prosecuting attorneys or of the waiters in the secret services). The enemy general is always killed or taken prisoner (unless he run away, like Bettino Craxi in Hammamet[27]).

Utopia never departs from a canon as ironic as it is devoid of any predicatory nuance. St. Thomas Moore brings the narration to its extreme consequences, pointing to the indispensable goal of Utopia: to submit people, stealing the freedom given to us by God. St. Thomas Moore finally gives the only real concrete demonstration of opposing it: he climbs onto the gallows saying “no”, tall and strong to the tyrant Henry VIII, first citizen of Utopia and ancestor of Giuseppi . Faith and action, like all the great martyrs of the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church, St. Thomas Moore, other than boiled frogs and lost Orwellian frogs.


Here is the only real weapon against Utopia, otherwise determined to use everything, devour everything, metabolizing it in the most profitable way: fascisms, communisms, populisms, clericalisms, pedophilia, finances, curias, masons, mafia and mafia of St. Gallen, everything, including dissent and the imbecile frogs.

Let’s face it, dear Catholic brothers and dear anti-Catholic brothers, how many in good faith among us, we feel we have made a mistake of omission, we do not know how to counter the injection poisons, we do not know what to do. Yet we have had an example of extraordinary effectiveness: Solidarnosc brought down Utopia in Poland, collapsed Utopia in the Soviet Union without firing a shot; rather, Solidarnosc left her own martyrs on his route. Today there is no longer Saint John Paul II, we have a Holy See as a by-product of the Argentine Military Junta. Then the people of God must move to restore freedom to his self to humanity as a whole, just as was happening since two thousand years ago. If this Catholic duty is disregarded, we will not avoid massacres and violence. Those who rant and rave the New World Order – those who wish and those who oppose it – do not understand the impossibility for a satanic court to live together in peace. They are waging war now, even more they will do, dragging billions of victims. The expedients will not be enough to avoid violence. Alfonsino Bonafede[28] frees the mafia’s bosses and will are they grateful by holding back the riots in Sicily? Until? Violence between transnational potentates is in sight. We forget that we are facing, for the first time in history, a civilization devoid of any Christian roots, China, as demonstrated during the Korean War and during the “cultural revolution”, as its inhuman conduct still shows: it has not account the sacredness of human life. It can sacrifice millions and millions of people for a political goal; after all as we have “blended” millions of fetuses for a zero point of GDP.

The political, social and military disorder we are facing does not exclude popular, sudden, unstoppable violence like a match in a bucket of petrol. The Bellaciaos[29] forget that the only city, the only one that freed themselves from the nazi Germans was Naples. History always surprises idiots and criminals, not at all humble frogs to boil.

Bergoglio, I beg you then, go away; I beg you, leave as soon as possible. Your Masonic genuflection in Utopia will not destroy Holy Mother Church; nonetheless it is causing mourning and ruin, ambassadors of infinitely more serious ruins.

The Church needs a young pontiff, full of faith and energy, to lead humanity safe from a nuclear confrontation. I beg you, go away, go back to the Plata’s Sea and stay there. We will pray for you, truly, with all our heart; in this way you will be mentioned by history, as you would have liked, yet at a lower and cheaper price; convenient for everyone: for you, for God and for us. This would be the only true and effective beginning of revolution, new epiphany of truth and hope, in Our Lord. (7-continuous)

[1] Italian weekly newspaper “radical chic”

[2] It alludes to Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s daily newspaper, whose authority has fallen in recent years. Words play: ” Ossequiatore ” as “sycophant” .

[3] Italian Military Police

[4] Euterpe is the mythologic muse of Music. This Carabinieri’s general passed himself as a musical composer, having instead paid others to compose some musical works of which he declared himself the author.

[5] Giuseppe Conte, Italian premier, named “Giuseppi” by Donald Trump

[6] Aldo Moro was a great Italian statesman, very loyal to NATO and leader of the Democrazia Cristiana (“Christian Democracy” party). He was kidnapped In Rome, at via Fani, on March 16, 1978 and killed on May 9, 1978 by the assassin terrorists of the Red Brigades with the complicity of important parts of communism and the Italian state. Aldo Moro understood that the Italian Communist Party was dangerously growing, thanks to the help of the Soviet Union, of important pieces of the Christian Democracy and the fraction of the Vatican. Aldo Moro then engaged in a difficult political maneuver to bring the Italian Communist Party into the area of the Atlantic Alliance. He was betrayed by everyone. (see note # 10 and #20).

[7] Vauro is a mediocre cartoonist and self-styled communist

[8] Stefano Andreotti is son of Giulio Andreotti (see note #20)

[9] Italian Daily newspaper

[10] A few months after the killing of Aldo Moro, the Italian state negotiated with the terrorists of the Red Brigades, paid them a ransom or released Ciro Cirillo, a second-rate politician, placed in the center of gravity of political corruption.

[11] Killer and leader of the Red Brigades, a gang of assassin communists (see note # 6)

[12] see note # 6

[13] French national hymn. The strategic summit of the Red Brigades was hosted in Paris during the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. Francois Mitterand and his successors have hosted terrorist killers of the Red Brigades and of other similar formations.

[14] Hymn of the Italian Communist Party

[15] He is the leader of the Democratic Party, born of successive transformations of the Italian Communist Party.

[16] The Neapolitan transsexual prostitutes

[17] Italian author of the novel “I Gattopardi” (The Ocelots), affirmed about political power: «Everything must changes so that everything remains as it is»

[18] Claudio Graziano, Italian Army General, is President of Military of EU. The photo portrays him servilely bowed to Claude Juncker, then president of the European Commission.

[19] Young communist politician.

[20] (see note # 6).

[21] Francesco Cossiga, Enrico Berlinguer, Giulio Andreotti and Benigno Zaccagnini are the four Italian politicians who refused all negotiations with the Red Brigades when they kidnapped Aldo Moro. Nevertheless, all of them disappeared a few months later, when the Italian state paid a billionaire ransom to free Ciro Cirillo (see note # 10).

[22] (see note # 11).

[23] Spokesperson of Giuseppi

[24] Italian Politician

[25] Italian Politician

[26] Italian mafia’s Boss of the bosses

[27] Bettino Craxi was the Leader of Italian Socialist Party, self-exiled in Tunisia, in 1994.

[28] Italian Minister of Justice

[29] Nickname of left wing party

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