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Dear Stilumcuriali, Agostino Nobile has sent us a reflection on an extremely topical issue, namely the relationship between the reigning Pontiff and the mass media. Not in the active sense of the term, that is, how much Pope Bergoglio uses and influences information about himself and the Church; but in the passive, receptive sense, that is, how much he himself is permeated and influenced by what he reads and feels. And of course the consequences that this has on the life of the Church. Good reading. 


              Bergoglio confuses mass media with the signs of the times

     Vatican policy can be summarized with the words that Bergoglio pronounced in his morning Meditation in Santa Marta on October 23, 2015: «Times change and we Christians must continually change. We must change firmly in the faith in Jesus Christ, firmly in the truth of the Gospel, but our attitude must continuously move according to the signs of the times. We are free. […] What is the truth? What is the message that the Lord wants to give me with that sign of the times? ”

Using this loophole of changing according to the “signs of the times” he seems to attempt to erase two thousand years of the history of the Church and the wisdom of the great saints. But let’s see if Bergoglio’s reading is consistent with the actual message of Jesus Christ. In the Gospel of Matthew 16, 3-4 we find the definition “signs of the times” as spoken by Jesus himself: “You know how to interpret the appearance of the skies and cannot distinguish the signs of the times? A perverse and adulterous generation seeks a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah ».

In regards to this passage, the biblical scholar, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, who certainly cannot be accused of being a traditionalist, comments: «In fact, it is not very open to universalism and – rereading Jonah – it does not so much celebrate Jonah’s preaching to the pagans(a bit unwelcomed by them), as it does his prodigious release from the risk of death after three days in the belly of the whale. It is for this reason, therefore, that the application of this passage to the resurrection was easier for both Jesus and Christians.” So according to this interpretation, which objectively seems to be the most consistent with the Gospel, the sign of the times must be applied to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and not as Vatican II wants, and as Bergoglio seems to imply as we Christians changing according to the signs of the times, inspired by the Holy Spirit who guides the Church to “dialogue” with the world. Among other things, from what we have read it seems that Jesus Christ also refers to our times: “A perverse and adulterous generation seeks a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.”

I could be wrong, but it does not seem to me that the word “dialogue” appears in both the Old and New Testaments. In the Constitution Gaudium et Spes, art. 4, reads: “To carry out her task, it is the permanent duty of the Church to scrutinize the signs of the times and to interpret them in the light of the gospel, so that, in a way suitable for each generation, she can answer the perennial questions of men on the meaning of present and future life and their mutual relationship. In fact, it is necessary to know and understand the world in which we live as well as its expectations, its aspirations and its often dramatic nature “. But if the Gospel is not respected, as it seems to me is happening, it means that the Church is no longer the guide of the world but it is the world that guides her. A Church that silences the advent of Christ the Savior no longer follows “the light of the Gospels” but the shadows of the world.

On the other hand, in addition to the rocky ground the Church currently finds herself on, no doubt appreciated by the various typologies of anti-Christians, it is enough to read the admonition of Jesus Christ to understand that the story of the signs of the times is Jesus’ way of pointing out the white washing of the truth of the Gospel: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Matthew 24-35).

Any believer, though ignorant in theological matters, as I am, myself to a certain degree, could rightly ask himself: if the Church’s mission is simply dialogue and peace on earth, what need was there for the coming of the Son of God, and for His Passion and Resurrection? Masters of ethics such as Socrates and Confucius would have been enough. And in addition to that, why do biblical prophets announce the coming of the Messiah? Christ the Savior did not say “Dialogue with the world and bring peace among peoples”, but “Go all over the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; but whoever does not believe will be condemned “(Mark 16: 15-16).

According to the political correctness standards of our day, Jesus Christ may appear harsh and racist, but His words leave no ambiguity and no form of escape which means that peace is not achieved by having a bank account, a full stomach,being ecologically sound, obeying secular laws and worrying about trade union rights, but by welcoming Christ. Only Christ can change the heart of man but it is precisely this, which notwithstanding the ideological catastrophes, the pan-religious and unionist-environmentalist Bishop of Rome seems to ignore.

Now, why can’t the signs of the times be just considered popular movements that arise and spread spontaneously? We should all have understood why by now, especially since the brainwashing agents have entered our homes. Our ways of thinking, our tastes and fashions are produced by those who have the means of conditioning, the mass media. But there is another even more subtle aspect to take into consideration: the characters who have dominated the economy, social and moral structures from the 1700s to today. 30/40 organized masons were enough to change the society of the ‘700 /’ 800, which triggered the French Revolution. They changed the world through dictatorship, massacres and violence, also thanks to the betrayal of those who should have served the Church of Christ. According to the French historian Jean Dumont, 24,000 priests out of 29,000 cases studied allied themselves with the revolutionaries. Surely they were convinced that the Holy Spirit showed them the signs of the times. And so it was that forty Freemasons, many of whom were real criminals, and self proclaimed “Illuminists”, led France to bankruptcy and the people into famine. This is more or less, thanks to the new Freemasons who created the so-called signs of the times, what is happening in our days. History repeats itself.

The official Standards document for sex education published in 2010 by the World Health Organization (WHO), a specialized agency of the UN, is not new, it is a program that has its roots in the prerogatives of freemasonry. In April 1824 a coal mason who went by the pseudonym Nubius, wrote a letter to Brother Volpe, where among other things we read: «Catholicism, even less than the monarchy, does not fear the tip of a well-sharpened dagger; but these two bases of the social order can fall under the weight of corruption. So let us never tire of corrupting. […] Now, it is decided in our councils that we no longer want Christians; therefore let us not make martyrs, but let us make vice popular among the multitudes. They must breathe it with their five senses, drink it, be saturated with it. Make their hearts full of vice and you will no longer have Catholics […]. But in order for it to take hold, and be widespread, the corruption of ideas must begin from childhood, in education. Crush the enemy, whatever it is, the instructions said, but above all, crush it when it is still in the egg. In fact, we must aim at youth: we must seduce young people, attract them, without them noticing. Go to the youth and, if possible, start from childhood» (Mons. H. Delassus – The problem of the present hour. Antagonism between two civilizations – Desclée & C. Roma Tipografi-Editori, Rome 1907).

Nineteenth-century things? Not exactly. In an article in the International Review on Freemasonry published in 1928, we read: «Religion does not fear sword strokes; but it can die out under the blows of corruption. Let us never tire of corruption: we can use a pretext such as sports, hygiene, health care. It is necessary to corrupt: that our young people practice nudism. To avoid an excessive reaction, one must proceed methodically: one must begin by uncovering the elbow; then move to the knees; then with legs and arms completely uncovered; then the upper part of the chest, the shoulders, etc.»

One who gives us in a few words a clear picture of the current situation is the socialist and criminologist Alain Bauer, Grand Master of the Great Orient of France 2000/2003 and collaborator of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In an interview published on December 12th, 2003 in the weekly “Le Nouvel Observateur”, among other things, he states: «It is no coincidence that the question of introducing the concept of Judeo-Christian heritage does not arise in the text of the European Constitution […]. Also in relation to bioethics we are in favor of absolute freedom, as well as freedom of morals and scientific research». Whatever the high degrees of masonry (Aspen Institute, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc …) may publicly say, they present themselves as institutions at the service of freedom, democracy and peace among peoples. This program described above has been carried on for two centuries, to the point of disrupting and even closing off people’s natural conscience. This decadence is there for all to see, but the Masonic lobbies and the Bergoglians continue to deny the evidence. 

Since the sixties sexual revolution, the attack on the family has been frontal. In a few decades we have arrived at courses of homosexuality in schools and weddings for people of the same sex. It has been a systematic brainwashing that is annihilating the family, and isolating the human being in a self-destructive carnal limbo devoid of emotional ties. Signs of the times? Does the Holy Spirit want this? Certainly a few times (too few) Bergoglio has said he is opposed to homosexual lobbies, but in fact he has surrounded himself with inveterate homosexualist. All you need to do is remember the Jesuit James Martin. Yes, that religious known for his pro LGBT positions, chosen by Pope Francis as a speaker at the World Meeting of Families (sic!) In Dublin in August of 2018.

In schools, including Catholic schools, not a few teenagers constantly immersed in and bombarded by homosexuality often ridicule and marginalize anyone who dares to say that gay marriage is not natural. Not to mention that at twelve or thirteen, girls are already thinking about free sex. Dear Bergogliani, we know that you will shrug, but this is how the signs of the times are created and we as Christians are not called to change with or adapt to these signs but to live the truth of the Gospel according to Jesus Christ.

Agostino Nobile

(Co-translator Joy Paulson)


















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    Our first parents, Adam and Eve dialogued with the Devil, with evil. It did not go well! Then Jesus, when he was tempted by the Devil, did not dialogue with him. He quoted Scripture to him, and the Devil fled!! Dialogue with evil brings disaster!