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Dear Stilumcuriali, Agostino Nobile has sent us an extremely interesting reflection on the relations between George Soros and the Vatican, also in light of the endorsement that the financier has made towards the reigning Pontiff after the latter’s sentence on discrimination against the Roma. Enjoy the reading.


Vatican and Soros facts and antefacts

During his recent trip to Romania, Pope Bergoglio asked the Rom people for forgiveness: “In the heart I carry a burden. It is the burden of discrimination, segregation and abuse suffered by your communities. History tells us that even Christians, even Catholics, are no strangers to so much evil “. While the Pope was saying so, he could also apologize for the violence of the Nazi and Communist Christians, the slave traders of the last centuries, up to the common criminals. It seems that the doctrine of the Catholic Church enjoins the oppression of minorities. The human being of all races and religions is born with original sin, but among the doctrines, religious or not, the Catholic is one of the very few, if not the only one that, except for legitimate self-defense, does not admit violence. It therefore makes no sense to ask forgiveness for the baptized criminals who have massacred Catholic doctrine. On the contrary, the leaders of other religions and ideologies, where violence is elevated to be a principle, have never asked forgiveness for the infinite number of victims caused over the centuries. Indeed, they still practice the sport in vogue, continuing to eliminate Christians of all ages in all parts of the planet.

In times when rationality is a luxury for the few, the Pope’s statements have a devastating effect on the fragile and masochistic conscience of millions of “beautiful souls”. The mea culpa preached in church, referring to the intrinsic sin of human nature, has become a weapon of war for the Vatican to humiliate catholicity. Started with Pope John Paul II, who asked forgiveness for the crusades and for the errors of the Church (historically to be verified), the mea culpa has become the bergoglian war horse. The continual harassment of the Church makes Catholics “not so grown up” and even less Catholic, gloat. It is no coincidence that the proud atheist and magnate George Soros, supporter of irregular immigration and founder of the Open Society Foundations, on his official twitter profile congratulated the pope who asked for forgiveness for “mistreatment, discrimination and segregation “suffered by the Rom people and operated by the Catholic Church as well. Like old friends, you play it and I sing it.

The magnate is known to be a political activist who runs more than 50 foundations and programs around the world to support his investment decisions. The documents published in 2016 regarding Soros – 2,576 files stolen by hackers – attribute to the financier the responsibility “of all the coups that have occurred in the last 25 years”. This is confirmed by the major sites that deal with international finance. Is it possible that in the Vatican they are unaware of it, and accept 650 thousand dollars from Soros, while they ostracize Salvini because he is unjustly considered a racist?

George Soros has thousands of skeletons in the closet. His father, Tivadar Schwartz, a Hungarian Jew, after having bought fake documents in which they showed up as  Christians, changed his surname to Soros. To do a bit of soldiering, he had thought of serving with his 14-year-old son György, “renamed” George, the Führer, helping him to confiscate the properties of the Jews, who were then sent to concentration camps. Of course, George was only 14 and did what his parent told him. But there is a small detail. In the 1998 interview in the 60 Minutes Interview program the tycoon candidly admits that he has no sense of guilt. It’s like in business, he comments, if I hadn’t done it I would have been done by somebody else. Really in the Vatican, where they bump Catholics opposed to irregular immigration, do they even know these facts? Bergoglio also ignores that the devaluation of 30% of the lira in 1992, which brought millions of Italians to their knees, was the work of the cynical magnate? By the way, everyone knows that this tycoon supports abortion and euthanasia politically and to the sound of millions. Is it legitimate, then, to say that the 650 thousand dollars given to the Vatican are dripping of blood?

Agostino Nobile

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